When it comes to the current pop music, you cannot cite all the songs without the names of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift coming into the picture. The two pop divas have produced songs that have captured global interest, with hundreds of millions viewing each of their songs on Youtube. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have appeared on same stages, and it's very evident that the duo gel pretty well. When exactly did the two pop stars meet each other?

The two singers are slightly ages apart, but their blending is phenomenal. Selena Gomez is twenty-five years old, while Taylor Swift is just a week away from turning twenty-eight.

If you thought that its only music the duo has shared, then you're wide off the mark.

How the divas met

Selena Gomez, on Wednesday during an interview with KISS TV UK, disclosed that her closeness with Taylor Swift began over a decade ago due to the Jonas brothers that each of the two pop divas had as boyfriends in the past. Gomez was dating Nick Jonas, while Swift was linked to the elder brother Joe Jonas who is currently a front man at DNCE.

Gomez was in Britain, and passed by KISS FM to promote her new single album 'Wolves' in a show that was hosted by Marshmello. Gomez is the human with the highest following on Instagram, and she couldn't hide the joy that she had witnessed being a close friend to Swift.

In fact, Gomez considers Swift as her Best Friend Forever as their relationship has now lasted for more than twelve years.

During the interview, the 'Who Says' songstress termed the bond between her and Taylor Swift as ' the best thing' they found out in the relationship with the Jonas brothers. Swift is about to embark on her Reputation tour while Gomez talked to the host about her possible tours of 2018.

When asked about a possible collabo with Taylor Swift, the former Barney & Friend series actress answered with joy her willingness to sing together with Swift. Her reply was, 'anytime, any place. She has been a fighter, warrior, and friend for -- we actually talked about this the other day -- 12 years of friendship'.

Do the relationships with Jonas brothers continue?

Twelve years is such a vast period, and the duo has changed individuals in relationships and status over and over again. Upon parting ways with Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez began dating Justin Beiber in 2010, in a relationship that was on and off, but spanned until 2014. Gomez then started dating Weeknd early in 2017, but the lovebirds could only hold for ten months.

The affair between Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas just lasted for three months with the two partners calling it quits in a twenty-seven second phone conversation. Since breaking up with Joe, Swift has been in other seven unfruitful affairs including with John Meyer, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, and the latest being Tom Hiddleston that ended September last year.