''This Is Us'' was on a roll during the fall season with the NBC's TV show going wild enough to capture an already impressive audience. Episode 10 of Season 2 was expected to shed some light on this narrative entanglement. Now that the show is on hiatus until January, it might be easier to analyze things from the sidelines.

All the major characters in "This Is Us" are caught in the middle of highly volatile situations, and Kevin Pearson is in the middle of them all. His latest stunt of being put under arrest for DUI provided us with a tense and intriguing finish of Episode 10.

He must face the consequences of his actions, as the foundation he has been standing on is now the furthest thing from a safe zone.

Sucked on his own bubble, Kevin drifted away from the family

Having to deal with a constant mental burden, Kevin Pearson saw himself caving into a deep hole once a knee injury brought back some old and painful memories. Reflecting on how his life has turned out, Kevin lost track of the present. Basically, he suffered a quick transformation from an apparently well-functioning human being into a total mess. In a blink of an eye, he started swallowing painkillers just to keep his mind on a numb state.

Trying to figure out how to keep on living, he put some distance between him and his siblings Kate and Randall.

Kate went on to lose her pregnancy, and Kevin kept avoiding Toby's calls.

Deciding to pay a visit to his brother Randall, Kevin finally learned about his twin sister current situation. It was definitely a blow that pierced right through his already battered guard. The follow-up marched on that unwritten law of future; a negative thing doesn't come alone.

Kevin is likely to pay a heavy price

Beth and Randall have all the reasons in the world to hold a grudge against Kevin after he put their daughter's life in a potentially life-threating situation. On the other side, Kevin should thank Tess for abruptly ending his wild ride on the highway.

It seems that Kevin has a huge mountain to climb in order to regain the trust of his closest relatives.

Randall and Beth won't let go of the situation in the nicest manner. Thus, there might be room for some escalations between Kevin and Randall. Moreover, Kate will be disappointed to learn about her brother.

There might a silver lining with Rebecca trying an intervention to bring her son back into the light. His mother can also help handling the rising tension in-between her children.