Jack Pearson seems to be the most prominent character in ''This Is Us'.This is NBC's latest wrinkle to raise the TV drama's environment to a whole new level. We have a character who is dead is in the present timeline. Jack Pearson takes full advantage of the narration's technique. Those back and forth journeys that blend several temporal axis do nothing but to remind the viewer how the whole thing started, what the premises are.

More than 15-years after his yet-to-be-solved death, Jack Pearson is the weighting element of the entire narrative construct.

The Pearsons are utterly stuck in a past time when Jack was still alive and it seems that he plays a major role in their lives, even if only on a rather spiritual level.

What we know about Jack Pearson

''This Is Us'' took a mid-season break and will return in the first days of January. Season 2 brought the story into a whole new territory with all of the main characters involved in some tense situations.

When talking about Jack Pearson and the importance of this character for the entire dramatic plot, there are certain things worth being mentioned. Apparently, Jack was a veteran who fought in Vietnam. As many in his situation, he found the post-war readjustment hard to cope with. Therefore, he used to drink a lot, and this particular vice seems to have connected to his death.

Somehow, he managed to keep himself above the water and once he got involved with Rebecca, an aspiring singer, Jack's life took an unexpected turn. Up to a point, Jack Pearson seemed to be the embodiment of a perfect husband and father. That changed when some of the past demons came back to hunt him, especially his drinking problem.

Jack Pearson at the center of an entire universe

From all that we have seen, the entire ''This Is Us'' construct seems to be revolving around his persona. Years after his death, his family still use him as a weighting mean for their actions. Under these circumstances, the viewer might find it intriguing to consider an alternate storyline in which Jack is still alive.

Once that scenario started, it might be intriguing to have the image of Jack Pearson being a grandfather to Randall's daughters or giving some wise advice to Kevin or helping Kate face the possibility of having a family of her own along with Toby. Moreover, it would be an interesting scenario to picture Rebecca and Jack. Their last years together seemed to have had some issues attached.

Season 2 and its second half may shed some light on this character's ending story. Jack's death remains a pivotal part of the entire TV series produces by NBC.