"Toy Story" is a beloved Christmas classic that was released in 1995. This movie is filled with toys from the past such as Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Ham the piggy bank, Etch A Sketch, toy soldiers and others that bring back fond memories for children who never grew up. The animated film is loaded with strategically placed symbols and Hidden Treasures that are what many refer to as Easter Eggs. There are 21 of these on-screen gems, and even if you caught a few, you probably did not notice them all. Here is a listing of each one, so keep them in mind the next time you watch this Disney/Pixar animated movie.

Eight Easter Eggs that can be found in Toy Story

Early in "Toy Story" when Buzz believes he can fly, he lands on and then bounces off a ball, which is the same one used in the Pixar Short "Luxo Jr." There is also a Luxo lamp in Andy's room. A113 is a common theme as it is the signature of Brad Bird. It can be seen on the van after Woody knocks Buzz out the window and also again just after you see the Virtual Realty sign.

When Woody is holding the meeting for the toys, he is standing in front of a bookshelf and behind him second from the right is a book entitled "Knick Knack," which is the name of Pixar's first animated short. When he asks "Can you hear me up there," the three boys on the shelf are also from "Knick Knack." There is also a book entitled Tin Toy, and the author's name is Lassiter.

The producer of Toy Story is John Lassiter.

Eight additional hidden treasures from the Disney/Pixar Collaboration

During a scene where all the toys are in the toy box at the bottom right is Mike Wasowski, who is a character from "Monsters Inc." The gas station in "Toy Story" is called Dinoco, and also appears in "Cars." While under the milk crate in Sid's room, Woody is reading a book that is identified by TN 31 210.

This is actually a book by the military that explains how to make weapons.."Two of the Easter Eggs were kind of obvious.The wallpaper in Sid's house resembles Marijuana leaves, and Woody once refers to the Space Ranger as Buzz Lightbeer.

The Disney/Pixar collaboration gave a shout out to Art Director Ralph Eggleston when they used the name Eggman movers for the truck that Buzz and Woody chased in the movie's end.

There is also a yellow ball that has red stars and blue stripes that showed up twice in "Toy Story" and has also been in other Pixar films. There is a Mickey Mouse watch on the wall in Andy's bedroom and another easily recognizable Easter Egg is when Hakuna Matata from "The Lion King is playing in Andy's mom's car.

There are many more hidden treasures listed that have been found in "Toy Story" and probably others that no one has detected yet. Keep this in mind the next time you watch this Disney/Pixar gem and see how many more you can detect that have been hidden in plain sight because they have been strategically placed there.