Remember the days before streaming services and their neverending wars? Yes, me either. So it's hard to escape the magnanimous presence of Netflix - and now Amazon or HBO Go have had on how we consume content. Moreover, driven by the success of their original content including 'House of Cards' and 'Stranger Things,' Netflix has established themselves as a massive contender amongst critics and fans alike.

So how do long-time, Hollywood heavyweights respond? It would seem 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney are planning on teaming up. The rumored merger would combine the forces of their entertainment assets that include Disney's studio franchises and Disney-owned ESPN with Fox's Pixar, LucasFilms and 20th Century Fox to name a few.

A deal for the ages

These joined forces could have significant implications on some of the largest franchises from the studios, "X-Men" and "Marvel." Resident Deadpool - both onscreen and offscreen - Ryan Reynolds was quick to jump in on the rumors...of his relationship with Mickey Mouse.

"Captain America" Chris Evans also weighed in with his dream collaborations.

In all seriousness, the merger is not only a lucrative deal for both studios but a chance to consolidate their assets against the ever-growing contenders of HBO and Netflix.

With Netflix set to invest $8 billion into their original content next year, and Amazon $4.5 billion, Fox is facing an increasingly competitive market they may not be able to contend with. Calling in the Storm Troopers and Marvel superheroes may just help to win this fight.

The deal which is worth about $60 billion could be confirmed as early as this week.

With that sort of valuation, it is easier to understand why Fox's owner, Rupert Murdoch is able to let go of such valuable assets in his media empire. But he won't be left empty-handed, he will still retain Fox News. His son, James could also be well placed to do the Mickey Mouse ears and take over as the company's CEO.

Disney takes on Netflix

These rumors come after Disney severed ties with Netflix, removing all their content except Marvel from the service. The bold move was a strategic move to regain ground in children's entertainment, one demographic to which Netflix had failed to expand their stronghold thus far. This family-friendly programming will spearhead Disney's own streaming service, set to launch in 2019.

But if you thought Netflix would back down from this fight, 30 anime titles will join their service as part of their $8 billion investment.