Abby and Scott grew close when they were locked together in the storage unit and ended up in each other's arms. Since their return from captivity, there is a definite connection between the two. Sharon is picking up on their closeness and even suggested to Noah that Abby had feelings for her man. She is now watching the duo very carefully.Victoria's radar is also on high alert because she saw how her sister was looking at Mr. Granger during Victor's tree lighting party. This means it's only a matter of time before Sharon and or Vicky figure out the secret.

There is also the possibility that Scott and Abby will decide to go for round two and expose themselves.

Scott is denying his feelings for Ms. Newman

During the press conference, Scott told the world how Abby helped him through the ordeal of being locked in the storage unit. As he spoke, his tone when mentioning Ms. Newman, was pretty endearing. It's obvious he has feelings for her but he is committed to Sharon. This is why he said yes to moving in with her and Faith. Mr. Granger can run but he cannot hide because Abby is a determined young lady.

Spoilers from Soap Opera Spy indicate that she has transferred her feelings from Zack to Scott, but viewers know they were under the surface all along.

Sharon believes that Abby is falling for her man and has not even considered that the feelings are mutual. Spoilers say she believes having Scott living at the ranch may deter him from running to Ms. Newman's rescue. Sharon can be devious and break the law to get her way, but she cannot change the feelings that Mr. Granger is trying to deny.

Ice princess Victoria wants revenge on Abby

Victoria has settled back into the role of Ice Princess since returning to work for her father. She fired Scott and accepted her sister's resignation without blinking an eye. Vicky reluctantly took them back, however, because she was under pressure. The older Newman feels her younger sibling is not a team player and is trying to cause problems.

She most definitely wants ammunition to prove Abby does not belong at the family company and may now have it because of something she saw during Victor's Christmas party.

As Scott and Sharon were leaving, Vicky took notice of the longing glance her younger sister cast at Mr. Granger. Her radar is now on high alert and she will be watching the duo closely. It won't take long for her to figure out just how close Abby and Scott got when they were locked in the storage unit together. With Victoria and Sharon both taking notice, it will not be long before "Scabby" slips up. The feelings they have may be too strong for them to keep their hands off of each other. Either their tryst in the storage unit will come to light and/or they will be caught in a second encounter. Stay tuned, weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS for more of "The Young and the Restless".