Would you be shocked if I told you that Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard are in the middle of controversy yet again? You probably wouldn’t be, and I wouldn’t blame you, after all, this couple is always in some sort of controversy. For example, Dillard was recently in the news for bullying transgender TLC star Jazz Jennings online by making transphobic remarks towards her which led to him getting kicked off the television show “Counting On.” Dillard was then in trouble after being fired from the show as he went online to beg for money so he could complete his education.

However, now the Duggar couple is in hot water again as some fans online have targeted Jill’s Parenting Skills. You can continue to read about that below.

Why are Jill Duggar’s parenting skills being criticized online by some fans?

The main reason why Jill’s parenting skills have been targeted online is because of what she did with baby Samuel when she was eating dinner with her family. A picture was posted online of the Duggar family member and her family eating dinner, and in the image, her baby was not at the table, instead, he was lying face down on the floor. Above him was a television which was hopefully attached to the wall for his own safety. If some Duggar fans found out that the television wasn't anchored to the wall they would be even more irate.

In my opinion, this is not really an important reason for some fans to target Jill and her parenting skills online. After all, she only had her baby lying on the floor beside her and her family, so it’s not like the Duggar baby wasn’t supervised. I personally believe the reason why these Duggar fans attacked Jill’s maternal skills online is because, as mentioned above, the pair have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons.

Which means some fans are angry with them and they are looking for anything the couple can be criticized for.

What other controversies have Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard gotten themselves into?

These two are never out of the public eye, and it is always for the worst reasons. The main controversy that got people so angry with this Duggar couple has to do with Dillard allegedly trying to scam some Hurricane Harvey victims out of their money online.

What happened was that the Duggar family member set up a fundraising page for himself around the time Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. This made people think he was taking money away from the victims of the tragedy, which led to the website hosting the fundraising page to shut it down, as they too saw it as selfish. If you want you can always catch up with the Duggar family on their television show “Counting On,” or, you can follow them on social media.