"Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska has become used to the news that her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind has been arrested. Adam has been taken into police custody countless times over the years, and this time is seemingly no different. Lind was reportedly arrested on Tuesday, Dec. 5 after he was found to be in violation of a no-contact order that was in place against him.

Yet another arrest for Aubree's father

According to the latest "Teen Mom 2" news, Adam Lind is being held without bail in a South Dakota jail. He has an appearance in court scheduled. This marks the second time in as many months that Chelsea Houska's baby daddy has been put in handcuffs.

Adam was previously arrested on Nov. 2. During that time, Lind's ex-girlfriend, Stasia Huber, filed to have a protection order placed against him. In the report, Stasia claims that while Adam was under the influence of drugs and alcohol that he physically assaulted her. Huber says that Lind fractured her arm, locked her in her house, smashed her phone, and then upon realizing what he had done began to cry and drove her to the emergency room.

Lind tested positive for meth

As "Teen Mom 2" fans know, Adam Lind is no stranger to relationship drama or legal drama. Lind has been in and out of jail for years for multiple different crimes including domestic assault and driving infractions. Earlier this year, Lind's other baby mama, Taylor Halbur, asked the court to suspend his parenting time with their daughter Paislee.

Adam was also given a court-ordered drug test and shockingly tested positive for meth just one day before he was supposed to have unsupervised visitation with his youngest daughter, Paislee, leaving both of his baby mamas, Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur seeking action against him to protect their daughters. Currently, Chelsea's daughter, Aubree, is only allowed to see her father under the supervision of his parents.

Aubree spends every other weekend at her grandparents home, where Adam may come visit her if he wishes to do so.

Adam's said goodbye to reality TV

Adam Lind has not been seen on "Teen Mom 2" in a while. He chose not to appear on the most recent season of the MTV reality TV series, and would rarely agree to film in the season before that.

It looks like Adam has officially washed his hands of the reality TV lifestyle, and could possibly not want to film due to all of his personal and legal problems. In the past, Lind has revealed that he doesn't like the negative attention he gets from the show, but fans are still talking.