Sean Hannity of Fox News has been one of the loudest voices in the conservative media and he's only increased his partisan views since the election of Donald Trump. In an attempt to smear the alleged "fake news" of rival NBC News over the conspiracy surrounding Uranium One, Hannity appeared to jump the gun.

Hannity on NBC News

During the first year that Donald Trump has been in office, his presidency has been marred by a constant stream of controversy. From in-fighting with his own administration and Republican Party, to the ongoing investigation into Russian election interference, the former host of "The Apprentice" has done everything in his power to deflect from the negativity coming his way.

Helping the president out in this effort has been many in the conservative media, most notably Fox News host Sean Hannity. One issue that Hannity has focused on has been the so-called "scandal" of Uranium One, which details the Obama administrations deal that led to the sale of nuclear materials to Russia, with critics claiming then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was leading the charge. The details surrounding the conspiracy have been sketchy at best, but that hasn't stopped the likes of Hannity from promoting it as fact. On Thursday morning, NBC News broke the story that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered a review of the scandal in question. Hannity attempted to smear the "fake news" at NBC for not reporting on the story during a Twitter rant on December 21, despite the network being the one who broke the news in the first place.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday morning, Sean Hannity lashed out at CNN and NBC News over the Uranium One investigation. "Hey fake news @CNN and conspiracy tv @NBCNews read and learn," Hannity tweeted out, despite attaching a link to the NBC News story.

"So @seanhannity correct AGAIN and @CNN and @NBCNews wrong again," he added in a follow up tweet.

Twitter reacts

After Sean Hannity sent out his tweet, mockery and trolling quickly followed.

"You are... literally... tweeting an @NBCNews story," MSNBC host Hallie Jackson wrote.

"Sean. NBC broke this story!" Politico's Jake Sherman tweeted. "Sean Hannity calls out NBC News for not covering... an NBC News report. Great," MSNBC producer Kyle Giffin added.

"No self-own quite like tweeting an NBC story in a ham-fisted attempt to shame NBC into covering something," MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake added.

Hey @seanhannity, you keep claiming NBC News is “wrong” while simultaneously citing them as your source. I think you should lay off the painkillers. Maybe sit this play out," another Twitter user added.