On Wednesday, Republicans were able to find enough support to pass their controversial Tax Bill through the Senate and the House of Representatives. After First Daughter Ivanka Trump gave her thoughts about the bill the following morning, she didn't get the best response on social media.

Ivanka on tax bill

The tax bill pushed by Donald Trump and the Republican Party has been criticized by the majority of the mainstream media, especially after the various non-partisan studies concluded that it heavily favored the rich at the expense of low and middle income Americans.

The bill in question gives short-term tax cuts to most Americans, though those rates are expected to rise in the years to come, with the exception of the permanent cuts given to corporations. In addition, the bill is projected to increase the national debt by more than $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. Despite this, Republicans were thrilled that they were able to hand Trump a legislative victory to end the year, which was evident during a speech given by GOP leaders and the president after the bill's passing. Discussing this issue was Ivanka Trump who decided to elaborate further during a December 21 interview on Fox News.

Joining "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning, Ivanka Trump doubled down on the Republican talking points.

"The president was very clear that he really wanted to ensure that this bill accomplished two goals: Of enabling American businesses to grow and be competitive and...to target relief for middle-income families," Ivanka said.

Not stopping there, Ivanka Trump continued her praise of the tax bill, calling it a "historic milestone" and a "historic accomplishment" for her father.

As expected, Ivanka was met with criticism after he interview.

Instant backlash

Following her interview on Fox News, Ivanka Trump was hit with opposition from critics of the administration. "For you but not for middle class. Is daddy making you speak today for him," one tweet read.

"This is false.

Because of the carve-outs for private jet owners, sports stadium owners, and special interest carve-outs like the #CornynKickback & #CorkerKickback, the new tax bill is more complicated than ever," another tweet added. "This #GOPTaxScam is literally declaration of Class Warfare," one Twitter user pointed out.

"Yes, it certainly is.

And those families with assets over $10.9 million thank you and your dad and the entire #GOP for saving them millions/billions of dollars on estate taxes," an additional tweet stated. "#TrumpFamilyScamBill helps @realDonaldTrump and family, more than anyone in America, scamming America, so they can get richer," a follow-up tweet noted.