As the year comes to a close, partisan gridlock in Washington has created the possibility of another government shutdown. With questions remaining, Donald Trump decided to lash out at democrats and put the blame on the opposition party.

Trump on Democrats

It's not uncommon for Democrats and Republicans to be at odds with each other, actually it's expected and routine. During the eight years Barack Obama was in office, his Republican rivals made it a point to block as much legislation as possible, which peaked in 2012 when the federal government was shut down for the better part for a month.

Fast forward to present day and the presidency of Donald Trump has only increased the in-fighting in Washington, creating and even wider political divide among the American people in the process. After Republicans had enough votes to pass their much criticized tax bill on Wednesday, the next step in the agenda was to pass a short-term spending bill through Congress that will keep the government funding for the next month. On Thursday, the House unveiled a bill that could have enough support to make it to the president's desk, including funding for the popular Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) program. In response, Trump ripped into Democrats over the issue during a tweet on December 21.

In a tweet on Thursday morning, Donald Trump put the blame of a potential government shutdown on the doorstep of the Democratic Party.

"House Democrats want a SHUTDOWN for the holidays in order to distract from the very popular, just passed, Tax Cuts," Trump tweeted out.

Following up on his tweet, Donald Trump called on Republicans in the House of Representatives to step up and not let a shutdown take place.

"House Republicans, don’t let this happen," the president tweeted, before adding, "Pass the C.R. TODAY and keep our Government OPEN!"

Twitter reaction

After Donald Trump's attack on the Democrats over funding the government, critics wasted no time firing back. "We need to come in and do a citizens arrest in these ppl. Not paying Military is not acceptable," one tweet read.

"Wrong Again!!!

House Republicans are the ones who would be shutting the government down. You have the Majority for the 100th time!!" another Twitter user added. "We are now the official country of the oligarch's, no different than Russians. The greatest looting of USA in history," an additional tweet stated.

"Trump's like the kid in high school that keeps wanting everyone to look at his novelty ruler from Spencer's gifts," yet another Twitter user wrote. "If there’s a shutdown, it’s because you can’t get your own party in line, since they’re the majority in Congress," a follow-up tweet noted.