There are many ways to celebrate Christmas. One is watching Christmas TV shows. The television show "The Golden Girls" has become a favorite of all ages since its debut in 1985. The show, about four older women in Miami, starred Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue Mcclanahan, and Estelle Getty.According to, the show won an Emmy twice, and each actress won an Emmy as well. The characters are different and funny in their own way. Rue McClanahan's character, Blanche Devereaux, is a Southern widow who owns the house where the others stay. She's vain and loves to talk about her many exploits with men.

Betty White's character, Rose Nylund, is a widow from the small town of St. Olaf in Minnesota. She's naive and tells crazy stories about her hometown. Bea Arthur's character, Dorothy Zbornak, is a divorced teacher. She's sarcastic and doesn't mind setting the others straight. She has a confusing relationship with her ex-husband, Stan. Estelle Getty's, Sophia Petrillo, is Dorothy's eighty-year-old mother. She jokes about her age and reminisces about her youth in Sicily by beginning the story, "Picture It."

'Twas the nightmare before Christmas'

In the "Twas the Nightmare before Christmas", Blanche gives the girls calendars with pictures of her men and Rose gives them maple syrup spigots. Rose also tries to tell the story of an all chicken "Christmas Carol" back home.

The girls have bad luck as they are held up by a Santa with a gun. This causes them to miss their flights home. While eating in a diner, they do get to see it snow in Miami while "Surfin Safari" by the Beach Boys plays in the background. As Dorothy says, "Somehow this Christmas it fits."

'Have a very little Christmas'

In "Have a Very Little Christmas," the women volunteer in a homeless shelter and find that one of the homeless is Dorothy's ex-husband, Stan, who is dressed as Santa Claus.

In addition to talking about the homeless problem and Stan's downfall, the girls find humor in the holidays. Sophia is frustrated with fruitcakes and getting dental floss from her son for Christmas. Dorothy is victorious in getting a Batman hat for her grandson after fighting someone else for it. Rose is notorious for giving bad Christmas presents but surprises Blanche, giving her a blouse.

Rose annoys everyone by humming "Jingle Bells" and shouting the "Hey!" part. She explains it's too hard to hum the "Hey!" part. Rose is also annoying when she doesn't want to draw names and instead asks whose names they would be. In true Dorothy fashion, she responds, "The Oak Ridge Boys, Rose! Each others!" Despite a visit from Stan, "the yutz of Christmas past," the girls celebrate Christmas in their own "golden" way.