When people search for the Duggar family online, they are often met with a whole range of controversies and mysteries. The mystery that was surrounding Joseph Duggar has just been revealed for the entire world. The question that has just been answered is what Joseph does for a living. Well, according to the Duggar family blog Joseph’s job is in the house flipping business. You can continue to read below to find out more about his Real Estate career and his personal life. A report from In Touch Weekly provided most of the facts relayed in this article.

How did Joseph Duggar get into the real estate business?

As mentioned above, Joseph’s job has been revealed on the Duggar family blog. Joesph is a fifth-generation house flipper, and he is currently trying to get his real estate license, which some of his family has already done. His career in the family real estate business was actually revealed last year, but many people are only finding out about it now. A blog post, published by the Duggar family, revealed that he only completed one year of college when he decided that he wanted to go back and work in the real estate business. According to the blog post, “Joseph just completed a year at Crown Bible College and is now back working with the Duggar family business doing construction.”

It is worth mentioning that education for the Duggar family is rather different than the way I would see education.

For example, they are homeschooled with a lot of focus on their education being from the Bible. The Duggar family also isn't a big fan of traditional college, as, instead, they opt for online college courses from a program called CollegePlus. The clan is happy with this online program because according to Michelle Duggar’s TLC blog, they are able to study and enjoy other experiences in life as well.

Is Joseph Duggar’s wife Kendra Caldwell pregnant?

While on the topic of Joseph Duggar it is worth mentioning that there is a rumor floating around that his wife Kendra Caldwell is currently expecting a child. The reason this rumor started is that there was a picture posted online of Kendra and her family. In the photo, Caldwell’s mother is in front of her covering her stomach so you can’t tell if Caldwell has a baby bump or not.

I should also include that Joseph Duggar is also in the online picture next to his wife. This would be a rather quick pregnancy as the couple was just married a few months ago. However, this family is known to move rather quickly from marriage to having kids. To catch up with all things Duggar related you could watch their TLC reality television show “Counting On.”