Savannah Chrisley recently split from Luke Kennard. At the time, she made it sound like she thought that she deserved more and was fine with the split. Now, it turns out that it is being reported that Savannah is allegedly pretty upset over Luke moving on and possibly reuniting with his ex-girlfriend. Pop Culture shared the details about what is going on with these two now.

What is allegedly going on with Luke now?

Right now, Savannah Chrisley is single, but Luke has been seen with his ex. He dated Anna Castro before he dated Savannah and it does look like the two could be reuniting now.

It turns out that Luke broke up with her before he started dating Savannah. The two have known each other since high school. She posted a picture of them saying that she is still cheering him like crazy from the stands just like she did in high school.If they aren't back together yet, that could even be coming with the way things look between these two. Fans would love to get the details on his new relationship or if there even is one just yet.

How is Savannah handling it all?

A source said that Savannah didn't handle it very well right after the split. The source said, "Savannah has lost it over this split with Luke. She has been crying nonstop and is still continuing to text him even though they are clearly broken up." It has been a while since they split, but she may not be doing well with it still.

An insider is saying that Savannah does think that Luke Kennard is getting back with Anna and she is "crushed" over it. These two weren't together very long, but in the short time that they were together, it got pretty serious, pretty fast. She even made fans think she was engaged at one point, but the two never announced anything like that at all.

Savannah Chrisley isn't saying anything at all about how she feels about Luke now. When these two split, she did speak out and say that they had dated each other for four months, but that they were over. Savannah said that she thought it was best for them to part. After that, she admitted that she didn't want to wonder if she was the only one.

It made it sound like Luke might have cheated on her or at least given her reason to think that he would do it. That is not a good position for anyone to be in.

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