"General Hospital" fans who were hoping for "Julexis" and or "JaSam" to reconnect are out of luck, at least for now. It seems that the powers that be are going to make everyone wait before their favorite couples get back together. Both Alexis and her daughter are making the sensible decision right now and have chosen to stick with the men who are currently in their lives. Same believes she should remain loyal to the man she is married to and her mother wants to give the good doctor a chance. It will be a while before viewers see those steamy love scenes between Alexis and Julian or the much-anticipated reunion of Sam and Steve Burton's Jason.

Alexis is in denial regarding Julian

Alexis is trying hard to get Julian out of her system and even told him so. She acknowledged they had a daughter and grandchildren together but said they can never be a couple again. Her estranged spouse listened and did not pressure her but it's clear Mr. Jerome is going to wait on the love of his life. Although Diane and her daughters have been pressuring her to start over and David seems like the complete opposite of the mob boss Ms. Davis knows her heart is not really in it.

She says she only helped get Julian out of jail because she did not want him to die, but he knows she still loves him. If he would just kiss her she would melt into his arms and it would be all over.

Mr. Jerome is playing it cool but he did stake a claim for his woman on Friday (Dec. 1). The trio was at the hospital and after his wife walked off, Julian called David by name and informed him that he was not going to "do" Alexis. It's only a matter of time before Ms. Davis admits that her heart will always belong to the man she fell in love with as a teenager.

Sam makes a difficult decision

On Friday, Andre broke the news that Patient 6 is Jason and Sam's husband is Drew. Even so, Mrs. Morgan decided to stand by the man she is living with. It's clear that she is in shock and not fully processing the situations. Previews for Monday (Dec. 4) indicate that Alexis is going to talk to Jason and suggest he allow Sam's life to remain uncomplicated.

This may be easier said than done because there is so much to unravel in this storyline.

Sam and Jason are the parents of Danny, while Drew is Scout's father. There are also legalities regarding the assets in the name of Jason Morgan. The brothers also need to find out who the mastermind is behind what happened to them and eventually when all of this is sorted out, there may be a way for Drew to reclaim his memories. "JaSam" will probably grow closer as time goes on. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.