On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," Dr. Andre Maddox came clean regarding the identity of the twins. Spinelli and Jordan back him up with irrefutable evidence and now there is no doubt as to which man is Jason and which is Andrew. Now that the facts have been presented Jason is at peace, but Drew is filled with turmoil. He has been living a lie for the past few years and has no memory except those that were implanted within him. Now that this chapter in the nine-month saga has come to a close the real story begins. As the brothers accept their fate they will have to piece together how and why they ended up in this situation.

The evidence proves Patient 6 is Jason Morgan

Practically everyone in Port Charles realized that Patient 6 was the real Jason as soon as they saw him. Diane, Spinelli, Carly, Sonny, Robin, and others had absolutely no doubt. On Friday Jordan and Curtis brought Andre back from Cuba and convinced him to tell the truth regarding the identity of the twins. He eventually admitted that Patient 6 is Jason and the man who is living as Sam's husband is Drew Cain. The only person who seemed truly shocked was Andrew himself.

Spinelli found out that Andrew had been a decorated Navy Seal and Jordan cross-referenced fingerprints which proved a match for the man who has been living as Jason for the past few years.

Drew accused the computer geek of being a master hacker and possibly manipulating the records. Curtis stepped in and told his friend it was time to give it up and accept that he is Andrew Cain.

Andrew and Jason must search for the facts

Drew seemed heartbroken and said that he had no memory of the life he has been told belongs to him.

He also told his sibling that they may share DNA but they are not brothers. Jason just stood there, looking as if he understood the pain. Now that the Navy Seal's fingerprints match Sam's husband it's a sure bet that Jason Morgan's cold case files will reveal that his fingerprints match the man who was known as Patient 6.

Now the twin brothers must begin a search to find out what happened to each of them five years ago.

On Thursday, Obrecht made a call to Faison which may indicate he is involved in the mystery. It's understandable that Andrew is bitter but he needs to work along with Jason rather than hold a grudge against him. They need to pool all resources so that the facts surrounding Drew being implanted with Jason's memories will be revealed. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.