"General Hospital" fans are being very vocal when it comes to Alan Quartermaine's twin sons. They want the true identities of the brothers to be revealed ASAP. What loyal fans are not looking forward to, is flipping the script every few months and keeping them in suspense until the nine-month storyline ends next year. They do not seem to care, however, how long it takes to unravel the mystery of how Andrew and Jason got into this predicament. Increasing numbers of fans are also saying that "GH" should not have Billy Miller identified as Jason, and desire that he will be Drew Cain and Oscar's father.

'General Hospital' should honor history

"General Hospital" fans are saying the show should honor history by allowing Steve Burton to be the one and only Stone Cold Jason Morgan. This could have been the plan all along, but they needed this plot in order to get to that point and also increase the number of viewers. Nine months is a long time to wonder which man is Andrew, so perhaps that reveal will be soon. Spoilers from a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Billy Miller's character will get a shock on November 30, and many believe he will be identified as Drew Cain.

If this does turn out to be what happens, fans do not want to be told a few months down the road that it was a mistake and Patient 6 is really Andrew.

For the sake of loyal viewers, "GH" should make the revelation of the true Jason Morgan once and final. The remaining seven months of this mystery should indeed be unraveling the facts. Drew could get to know Kim again and she may admit that Oscar is his dad. Having this teen believe Steve Burton's character is his biological father only to switch it to Billy Miller later would be cruel.

Jason and Sam need to find their way back to each other

Spoiler alerts indicate that Franco will make an admission on November 30 and it will confirm what Jordan and Curtis have to say. To go through all of this emotional upheaval only to have it change down the road would truly be a disservice to loyal fans of the show. Whatever comes out on Thursday needs to be final.

If Patient 6 is identified as the real Jason Morgan, the powers that be at "General Hospital" should let it be.

Sam and Jason will need to find their way back to each other and Drew needs to figure out how to reclaim his own memories. Oscar has been searching for his father for a while and to have him confused between the twins is not a road the soap opera should travel.This should be the focus after the big reveal on Thursday and not another flip in the script in a few months. Make sure you don't miss an episode of "GH" by tuning in weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.