Meghan King Edmonds is currently expecting her second child with her husband, Jim Edmonds. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star gave her Instagram followers a peek at her Baby Bump on Thursday while wearing a holiday sweater and baking Christmas cookies with her daughter Aspen. In the caption, she notes "#YesThatsABabyBump."

A belly in time for the holidays

Fans of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" will remember Meghan's struggle to get pregnant with IVF during Season 11 of the Bravo reality show. The step-mother was ecstatic to finally be able to have a child of her own and welcomed Aspen, known better as "Baby Aspen," on November 24, 2016.

During Season 12 of the reality show, viewers saw Edmonds as a mother for the first time. Although she admitted that motherhood is more difficult than she had imagined, she was, clearly, loving being a parent.

As the season ended, it became obvious that she wanted to try for another baby as soon as possible so that Aspen would have a sibling to grow up with.

The reunion episodes for "The Real Housewives of Orange County" recently aired on Bravo and Meghan shared with everyone that she and Jimmy were expecting their second child together. This time, the couple will welcome a boy and the reality star detailed her second journey with IVF on her blog.

Edmonds shared that she had really wanted to have a boy and that her husband currently has five daughters and one son.

Because they only had two female frozen embryos, she endured the IVF process again in hopes of being able to conceive a son, which they did successfully.

Since the reunion, no one has heard much from the housewife about her pregnancy, but this Instagram photo marks the first time she is sharing her growing belly with the world.

Spending time with family

The photo was tagged in Wright City, Missouri, which means she is likely home for the holidays. Edmonds was born in St. Louis, so she has a lot of family around. She and her husband have their own home there and travel back and forth frequently throughout the year.

Meghan joked in the caption of the Instagram photo that "baking with a one-year-old isn't quite as sweet as the cookies I'm making or as adorable as this photo."

She wore her blonde hair shoulder length, and in a braid on the side of her head.

Her one-year-old daughter was dressed adorably in a white sweatshirt and festive red pants, while Meghan had on a festive snowflake sweater.

Her baby bump was fully visible, as she is likely in her second trimester by now, and she seemed overjoyed to finally be able to show it off.