Faithful “Hawaii Five-O” fans were barely holding to the edge of their seats last week, as Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan stayed determined to defeat a deadly malicious virus with more “McDanno” commitment than ever. When Danny was at his weakest, Steve stayed the course, offering a balance of nurturing and not giving up. The Lt. Commander nearly lost his life at sea as he swam to secure the antidote injections, and it was Junior (Beulah Koale), the young protégé, who rescued the boss without a second thought, while Tani (Meaghan Rath) mustered the strength to pull them back on board.

“Ohana, “ the Hawaiian concept of family beyond blood ties with a covering of acceptance, is integral to every episode thus far in Season 8. The “Hawaii Five-O” family has not only welcomed new and old members to full status on the force but also allowed Steve McGarrett's character to become more of a mentor and life coach to the newer members. He reminds them of their strengths and encourages them to learn from mistakes and pains from the past. The cases the season have relied on every member of “Hawaii Five-O” to work for the public good and each other.

When it comes to the restaurant business, though, Steve McGarrett is no expert. Danny has rich memories of his family's childhood cuisine, but both partners need some training in restaurant management.

That premise provides the perfect reason to introduce a new cast member, and that star is very familiar to TV fans.

Welcome to McDanno’s

Deadline Hollywood broke news on December 14 that veteran TV and film star, Vincent Pastore, will become part of the “Hawaii Five-O” family, portraying Danny's uncle, Vito. Fans will recall that some weeks ago, Vito became a subject of contention between Danny and Steve during one of their ongoing “carguments.” Danny insisted that the authentic New Jersey style pizzas that the partners plan to offer will never pass the taste test without piped-in water infused with Jersey minerals for the dough.

Vito was willing to provide the service, but Steve had the other variety of “veto” in mind.

Vincent Pastore is instantly recognizable for his long-running role as Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero on “The Sopranos” from 1999-2007. The actor also had long-running roles on “The Practice” and more recently appeared in “Blue Bloods.” At 71, Vincent Pastore truly defines a working actor, with 20 film projects completed and in post-production for 2018 release.

As Uncle Vito, Pastore probably won't need any of his former skills from being big in a mob family, but that doesn't keep Danny from thinking he’s connected. Danny brings them out to the island to get things moving with the restaurant, leaning heavily on his general contracting and his restaurant experience. Uncle Vito does get things going, but perhaps in the wrong direction, so that should keep Danny and Steve sparring through their “bromance” for the rest of the season.

Much more than the flu

Anyone would think that “Hawaii Five-O” could stay safe and calm in quarantine, even if no one on the crime-fighting force can keep still. Previews of this week’s Friday fall finale (“I ka wa ma mua, I ka wa ma hope” translated as The Future Is in the Past) on “Hawaii Five-O” show a breach in the team's quarantine, and a gunman shooting Danny, leaving him clinging to life.

Of course, McGarrett and his new team members are sure to rally in support, but he certainly won’t be having dreams of sugarplum fairies dancing this Christmas.

“Hawaii Five-O” lives the mission of all for one, and that bond of strength is sure to bring Danny through.

New Season 8 episodes resume on January 5.