Meghan King Edmonds reveals in her latest "rhoc" blog that she's fed up with Peggy Sulahian playing the "cancer card." The source of her agitation comes after Peggy engaged an emotional Shannon Beador in a heated argument over whether she can trust her husband after he questioned Diko about her cancer diagnosis. Meghan wanted a peaceful evening with everyone and her psychic, who read everyone's aura.

Meghan rants about Peggy

Meghan writes in her blog that first Peggy was "immediately off-putting to Mystic Michaela" then she kept at Shannon when it was evident their conversation was going nowhere but downhill.

Meghan found Peggy to be "rude" and only showed how ignorant she was when it came to the psychic.

"Not only was Peggy rude to my friend, but wow, what a time to bring up the David/Diko conversation to Shannon! Horrible timing," Meghan wrote. Additionally, Meghan was beside herself over why Peggy is such an ineffective communicator in the way that she "just plays dumb and it’s so transparent."

Asking Shannon about trusting David was a low blow, as far as Meghan is concerned. When Shannon told Peggy "not to go there" and Peggy claimed she didn't know anything, Meghan accused Shannon of implicating herself. "It's obvious Shannon is outward with her emotions and lashes out, so why was Peggy so shocked at her reaction?" Meghan questions.

In her blast of Peggy, Meghan remarks that she "needs to learn better timing and really needs to stop with the cancer card." The idea that she gets so bent out of shape anytime someone wants to talk about her health is strange to Meghan if she's the one who keeps bringing it up to begin with.

Peggy gets a better idea of what's behind Shannon's outburst

For her part, Peggy wrote in her "RHOC" blog that she wasn't aware of Shannon's problem with David. It occurred to her that perhaps that was the reason why "all the jaws dropped" after she questioned Shannon. "It never crossed my mind that Shannon was in such a fragile state," Peggy wrote.

She claims that it now makes sense to her why "this poor woman is dealing with so many issues in her life and that explains why she is lashing out everywhere."

Will Peggy be more understanding of Shannon from here on out after watching the season on TV? She wasn't cognizant of the marital woes that Shannon was having when the show taped, but the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

In episode 15, Shannon confided in Tamra regarding her marital issues with David and knows she shouldn't let their relationship be her everything when it comes to her happiness. Dealing with weight issues and the insecurities she's still battling since David's affair, Shannon is having a difficult season.

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