The character of J.T. Helstrom is slated to return to "The Young and the Restless" on Tuesday, November 28. This move indicates that new Head Writer Mal Young is not a "Villy" fan. Prior to his taking over the helm, spoiler alerts, as well as the storyline, indicated that Billy would kick Phyllis to the curb. He and Vicky had kissed and were growing closer as they worked to save Brash and Sassy. Within 30 days of Young's work being aired Victori and Billy were history and Y&R is going in a completely different direction. It will be interesting to see if J.T.

is only back for a short-term, or if he and his ex-wife will reunite.

Mal Young flipped the script for Villy fans

Viewers were looking for Billy to emerge a hero in his ex-wife's eyes after saving the teens from the fire at The Underground. Instead, the script was flipped. It was revealed that he was responsible for Vicky being poisoned by the Brash and Sassy men's line face masks. Victor swooped in to save the day, and Billy was fired. Now Victoria is working at Newman and has returned to being the ice princess. Her demeanor is cold and calculating, and her focus now is on proving Abby is unfit to work in the family business.

Billy began chasing Phyllis like a lovesick schoolboy, and on Thanksgiving Day they used the Abbot jet to go to New Orleans with Nick and Chelsea.

The couples returned on Monday with a secret they say will never be revealed. Some spoilers have suggested they eloped, but eventually, that would have to be made public. Each of them alluded to something they did together that they never want to speak of again. Having these four sharing something intimate and bringing back J.T.

Helstrom will extinguish all hope for "Villy" fans.

Mal Young has a different vision for The Young and the Restless

It seems that Mal Young's vision for the residents of Genoa City is vastly different than the direction show seemed headed. He quickly killed off Juliet which leaves hope for a possible reunion with Lily and Cane.

Dina's Alzheimer's diagnosis caused Jack to dismiss Nikki, and thankfully Zack has been killed off. The new head writer had begun tying up some loose ends, and more will surely follow.

There has been no indication of what to expect from the return of Victoria's former spouse, so viewers need to keep their options open. Mr. Helstrom may be coming to reclaim his son, and not rekindle a romance with Vicky, because his marriage to Mackenzie may be solid. Stay tuned each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."