In mid-October, many fans of "The Young and the Restless" were expecting Billy to drop Phyllis like a hot potato and reunite with Victoria. New executive producer/head writer Mal Young took over, and suddenly the storyline changed. Victoria was back working at Newman and operating in her ice princess mode once again. She dropped the idea of reconciling with her ex, and he decided to get back together with Phyllis. On Monday Jack kicked Nikki to the curb to deal with his mother's Alzheimer's, and Nick and Chelsea have a secret they are harboring with "Philly" regarding their time in new orleans.

Disruption in Genoa City

After the fire at The Underground, both Phyllis and Victoria dumped Billy who forgot his ex in a heartbeat. He and Vicky had shared a kiss and seemed as if they were becoming closer. Once it was revealed that her former spouse caused her medical issues and placed her company in jeopardy, Vicky went into her ice princess persona and teamed with Victor. Now her sole focus is on business. Billy, however, whisked Phyllis, along with Nick and Phyllis off to New Orleans on Thanksgiving.

The foursome returned to Genoa City rather hungover and alluding to something they all took part in that must remain secret. Having Nick and Chelsea become new best friends with Billy and Phyllis is a little awkward as each was once in a relationship with the other's current lover.

Spoiler alerts had indicated that Chelsea might see her supposed dead ex-husband in New Orleans, but she is still recovering from whatever happened in the big easy, so if she saw Adam it has not yet been addressed. Disruption is in the air, and it looks like it will continue.

Jack dumps Nikki to comfort Dina

Jack tells Nikki about his mother's Alzheimer's disease then says they need some distance so he can care for Dina.

Nikki offers to help him with his mom, but Jack refuses. Later Nick is looking through a box of evidence from The Underground and found the photo of Brent Davis. He later goes to Jack's to get some answers, but his former father in law is very defensive where Dina is concerned. After Nick leaves Dina's son gets her to open up, and she admits that she may have been responsible for the fire at The Underground.

Mal Young has flipped the script on the way many viewers believed certain storylines were headed. Now loyal fans of"The Young and the Restless" will have to wonder if Nikki will get back together with Victor if "Philly" has staying power and if Jack will be able to keep Dina's secret about the fire. There is also the mystery of what happened between the two couples in New Orleans. Considering who was involved and the hints they were giving it could be just about anything. Time alone will tell if Chelsea has a flashback and remembers seeing Adam, so stay tuned.