Ed Sheeran was recently interviewed by Keltie Knight at the KIIS-FM iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at the Forum in Inglewood, California and was asked how he had managed to get a duet with the famous superstar, Beyonce. He revealed his secret relates to email and always having the singer’s latest email address, which changes like some of us change our socks.

Beyonce and her many email addresses

Sheeran, 26, recently confessed to how he can get hold of Beyonce to organize to sing a duet with the popular singer when most people don’t have a hope of such an achievement.

At the event presented by Capital One, he opened up to Keltie, saying he has Beyonce’s email address and can easily get in touch with Bey. Sheeran went on to admit that Beyonce changes her email address on a weekly basis, which he apparently always has. Sheeran went on to say Bey was very good at… and paused, with Keltie jokingly saying, “Hiding?” Sheeran joked back saying that’s how he also aspires to be.

Sheeran had emailed Bey in May to ask her to sing the duet with him and it has been in planning ever since. He said obviously Beyonce had the twins back in June, which delayed things, but they finally completed the recorded duet in September.

He says he has been hanging on to it ever since, until the song “Perfect” was finally released on Thursday last week.

Beyonce and Ed Sheeran duet completed in one take

It sounds like the duet went extremely well, as the English singer said Beyonce recorded “Perfect” in only one take, and Bey also had input on the instrumentals for the track.

He said the original version of the song only had an acoustic guitar, but while recording it they had apparently added more instruments. The singer phoned him later to say she had taken all instruments besides the acoustic guitar off the track. Sheeran was pleased, telling her that it how the song was originally planned. They then had a “back and forth” session agreeing details for the final recording and spent around four hours in the studio.

Once all was agreed, the duet was completed in just one take and they both agreed it sounded just fine. Readers can now enjoy the final duet between Sheeran and Beyonce below.

Another Beyonce quirk

According to a report in Elle, there are other examples of a more quirky side to Beyonce. While many people have a backup of their data, Bey has gone one step further. They quote a GQ interview where Beyonce said she has a room where she stores the complete digital archive of her life as a singer, including every photo taken of her and every interview she has ever participated in. It also includes video footage of all her shows.