Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicated that several couples on "The Young and the Restless" would experience fireworks on New Year's Eve. Romance was definitely in the air in Genoa City as the Newman family gathered to watch Victor and Nikki renew their wedding vows. It became clear to all in attendance that these two really do love each other. Afterward, Nick stumbled upon Abby and Scott kissing and become very angry. Devon and Hilary had an intimate moment as will Cane and Lily. Unfortunately, neither couple rang in the New Year with a kiss.

Sparks were flying at the Newman wedding

Victor and Nikki have been trying to fool one another into believing that their upcoming nuptials are merely a business arrangement. During the ceremony, it was absolutely obvious that the Newmans are only fooling themselves. Later Victor congratulated Nick on having the courage to attend, and his son replied that he will do anything for his mother.

After the ceremony, Nick stumbled upon his niece in a lip lock with Sharon's man, and he is really angry about it. Scott has tried to make it work with Sharon and even told Abby that he was committed to her former sister in law. The attraction between these two have been heating up, and anyone paying attention can see the sparks are flying between these two.

Try as they might "Scabby" simply cannot resist a lip lock and eventually it will once again lead to more.

Devon and Lily surprise Cane and Hilary

Devon runs into Hilary at the Athletic club and warns her away from Cane. She replies that there is a man in her life, but he is wearing diapers. Devon laughs as he realizes she is referring to Cane's son Sam.

The exes talk and when the New Year bells toll it looks like perhaps they will fall into each other's arms but they do not. The writers still are not making it clear in which direction they are taking the Hamiltons.

On the other side of town, Jill has invited Lily and Cane to the mansion under the guise of a New Year's Eve party.

The Ashby's quickly realize that they are to be the only ones in attendance but decide to stay. Jill and Esther are watching the couple talk and then begin dancing. As they look lovingly into each other's eyes, Lily pulls away because it is obviously a little too much too soon.

Mrs. Ashby decides it's time she leaves but her estranged spouse asks her to stay. Jill and Esther are disappointed as the New Year arrives and rather than kiss, Lily, and Cane only hug each other. Stay tuned to CBS daytime at 2:00 PM weekdays for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."