Katherine Chancellor was a beloved member of Genoa City society on "The Young and the Restless." Her character died shortly after the death of Jeannie Cooper who portrayed her on May 8,2013. For four and 1/2 years the writers at Y&R continue to mention this character. A park was named in her honor and during Christmas, she supposedly reached out from the other side to Nikki Newman. It's time for the powers that be to let Kay Chancellor be dead and buried. The time and attention of the writers would better serve the loyal viewers by concentrating on the actors who are currently on the show.

Shifting attitudes on "The Young and the Restless"

There was a time when soap opera characters went to a church or talked to the Almighty when they needed guidance. This most often occurs when a loved one is hospitalized and the chapel is made use of. Today things have shifted and daytime drama characters often talk to deceased loved ones as if they can hear them and somehow intervene. On "The Young and the Restless" Nikki Newman has been talking to Kay Chancellor as if her departed spirit was the Almighty One.

Art and life imitate one another so there may be people watching Y&R who believe they can get answers from a deceased loved one because of episodes where Kay Chancellor is supposed to be reaching out to touch Genoa City residents..

Someone watching Nikki allegedly being contacted by her deceased friend may try to reach out and touch a spirit of their own. If you believe what is revealed on all the paranormal television shows, like "Paranormal Witness" and "The Haunted" then seeking to communicate with a dearly departed loved one can be dangerous.

It's dangerous to reach out and try to touch the spirit realm

In almost every case an individual believes they are talking to a family member or friend only to later find that an evil spirit has been impersonating them. At this point preachers, priests, and/or paranormal experts are called in to banish the unwelcome intruder from the home.

This is why it's best on television shows like "The Young and the Restless," as well as in real life, to leave the deceased alone. Those bodies that are in the ground should remain dead and buried.

When the Creator has allowed a spirit to crossover to another realm what right do mere humans have to attempt to call it back to this one? Jeannie Cooper died in May of 2013 yet close to five years later her character Kay Chancellor is still being mentioned on "The Young and the Restless." This is a grave disservice to the actors who are currently contracted to be a part of Genoa City.