In case you didn’t know, Derick Dillard, who is the husband of Jill Duggar, will not be returning to the next season of “Counting On.” The reason for this is a Twitter rant that took place against transgender TLC star Jazz Jennings. Jennings stars in her own successful reality television TLC show entitled “I am Jazz.” You’d think that the two reality television stars would have something in common. Well, them being reality television stars is all they have in common, as Dillard has made some hateful comments in the past towards Jennings.

You can read below to see what Dillard said to Jennings online, which got him kicked off the Duggar Reality Television Show “Counting On.”

What did Derick Dillard say to Jazz Jennings?

If you recall, this is not the first time that Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, has made hateful comments online towards Jazz Jennings. As a few months ago, Dillard went online to say that “'Transgender" is a myth' as 'gender is not fluid,' but 'ordained by God.” Well, that comment itself made him look like a bully online, but now the member of the Duggar family has taken to Twitter again to make hateful comments towards the LGBT community. For example, he took personal shots at Jennings herself by calling her by the incorrect pronoun.

As mentioned above this isn’t the first time that Dillard has made some controversial comments online which gives a bad name to the Duggar family.

However, this time he will be punished for his actions as TLC have confirmed that they have kicked him of the Duggar reality television show “Counting On.” TLC made a statement about Dillard being kicked off by saying his views do not “reflect the views of the network.”

Controversy surrounding Derick Dillard

This is not the first time that Derick Dillard has come under fire by the public, as he has done some questionable things in his past.

For example, Dillard and Jinger’s Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo do not get along because of something Dillard did. You see, Dillard was going to do some unsanctioned and unqualified missionary work, and Vuolo did not approve of this. He thought that Dillard would be doing more harm than good and that it would also be dangerous to everyone involved, including his wife, Jill Duggar.

The other bit of controversy that surrounded Dillard in his past would be his alleged scamming online with his wife Jill Duggar. After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Dillard decided to create a fundraising page for himself. Many people saw this as him begging for money online and also taking money away from the victims of the hurricane.

This caused the website hosting the fundraising page to shut it down as they didn’t think it was fair to the victims of the hurricane. This again caused bad publicity for the Duggar family and their reality television show "Counting On"