In case you weren’t aware, Jinger Duggar is known as the rebel of the Duggar family. She is known to wear short shorts and skinny jeans, even though her family has a very strict dress code for their daughters. You see, until some of the daughters got married, they had to listen to their parents Jim Bob and Michelle’s dress code. The main "dressing law" in the family was that the girls had to wear below the knee skirts even while playing sports. Well, Jinger seems to be rebelling against her family’s conservative ways, as she is again continuing to wear shorter clothing, and recently she posted a picture to Instagram of her kissing her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s marriage

Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo got married all the way back in November 2016 in front of over 1,500 close family members and friends. This means the two are approaching their one year wedding anniversary and judging from Duggar’s recent Instagram post, the two are still going strong.

The couple can be seen kissing in the Instagram post and the caption to the picture is lyrics from the 1965 popular song “L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole. If you couldn’t tell, the song is not a gospel song, and this has shocked some of the fans of the show. The photo itself shows Duggar in a skirt that her family might approve of, sharing a passionate kiss with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

However, Duggar revealed that her family would not actually approve of the skirt as she purchased it in Forever 21 and not a thrift store. I mean, the family is probably happier that she is in a skirt that is below her knee and not in her signature skinny jeans that everyone loves to see her wear.

Jinger Duggar’s appearances on 'Counting On'

Now, if you have been a fan of the Duggar family for a while, then you would know that Jinger wearing a pair of skinny jeans isn’t the most controversial thing to happen to the family. For example, the family had to kick off Josh Duggar from the TLC network due to his issues with the law.

If you are looking to catch up with Jinger and the rest of the famous family, you can tune in to the TLC network to watch “Counting On,” which will hopefully be renewed for a new season. It is worth mentioning that “Counting On” focuses on the lives of the older children in the Duggar family. The show follows the adults in both their professional lives and also their personal lives, which, of course, includes their own families as well.