At the beginning of the year, Matt Lauer celebrated his 20th year as a "Today" show anchor. Now, NBC is removing all memory of him as if he never existed. He was immediately fired from the network last Tuesday without any warning after an unidentified colleague complained of his inappropriate workplace behavior. Since then, other women have come forward accusing the longtime anchor of the same thing.

Destruction of Lauer's office

At first, Lauer's third-floor office was going to be renovated, but later the network decided to completely demolish it and destroy everything associated with him except his computer because officials are going through his emails to see if there is more evidence of his inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Possessions of the former employee are being destroyed, including the desk with the button under it that locked the door. His nameplate, pictures of him on the walls, photos of him online, and all things about him on NBC News social media accounts have been removed. Lauer has also deactivated all of his own social media accounts.

Many of the "Today" employees are so shocked and upset over Lauer's behavior that they refrain from talking about it. Page Six reports that people at the network are so sickened by what Lauer has been accused of doing that they are refusing to mention his name. One guest who appeared on the show since the firing said the mood at Studio 1A at Rockefeller Center is like someone has died.

No reminders

Lauer is well known all over the world. So, is it possible to erase all reminders of him and what he has done? NBC is trying to do so. It is apparent that the network wants no reminders of him. In the past, Lauer traveled all over the world representing NBC. He anchored all the Olympic Games. Since 1998, he co-hosted NBC's live coverage of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

He interviewed all the Presidents of the United States while they were in office, Heads of States, and royalty such as Prince William and Prince Harry. All A-list celebrities in the last 20 years have been interviewed by Matt Lauer.

It is very unfortunate that all the good Lauer did for NBC is being obliterated and the memory of him is going to be scrubbed clean as if he was never there.

His reputation has been ruined. From now on, his legacy is going to be a disgraceful one because of some unwise decisions he made and acted upon.

Someone will replace Matt Lauer at the anchor desk and the "Today" show will go on, but Lauer is facing a very dark future.