Kendra Duggar is under fire after sharing a new photo that shows the mom-to-be engaging in what many are calling very risky and dangerous behavior while pregnant. Joseph and Kendra have only just announced that they are expecting their first baby and now Kendra is taking some dangerous risks that could put the baby and herself in harm's way.

Kendra Duggar angers Duggar followers

A new Instagram photo reveals that on Thursday Kendra and cousin Amy King were enjoying the snowy cold December weather engaging in some snow tubing. Amy's selfie of the two young women reveals the ladies standing on what appears to be a very steep, snow-covered hill.

They were dressed for the winter weather with snow tubes in hand.

Should Jim Bob and Michelle intervene?

King captioned the now controversial selfie... “Sliding into your Instagram feed with this sweet girl! Tubing & shopping today while the boys ski.” While any other time this would be a great photo of the family enjoying a snowy winter day, since Kendra and Joseph have very recently announced that they are pregnant, this is being more than frowned upon across social media by Duggar Family followers.

One commenter wrote how she felt this was a bad idea and too dangerous for the expectant mom, stating, “She can flip on the tube or hit a bump or tree. I just don’t [think] it’s the best idea.” King responded to the comments, claiming that Kendra and the baby were in "no danger." However, followers had their own opinions on the matter and the slamming has continued.

On December 18, 2017, Joseph, 22, and Kendra Duggar, 19, made their happy pre-Christmas announcement that they would be adding to their family. While the new husband and wife are very young, followers are not taking it easy on them on this matter. Joe and Kendra are not the only Duggar parents-to-be that have drawn the ire of fans.

As previously reported, Joy-Anna and Austin have also been catching a lot of flack for their rushed wedding and pregnancy, revealing to fans that they had broken strict Duggar family rules by engaging in pre-marital sex.

A new day and a new Duggar controversy. It seems that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar just can't catch a breath between family controversies.

Between the weddings, the rebellion, and the issues brought on by Derick Dillard's social media rants and TLC firing, it looks as though the family will have another stressful year.

What will 2018 have in store for the Duggars?