The latest updates and spoilers for "Flashpoint" reveal the possibility of seeing Thomas Wayne's version of Batman. "The Walking Dead" star Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased comic book fans about the rumored role during the Walker Stalker Con event in New Jersey, and he hopes that Warner Bros. Pictures will give him chance to showcase a different version of the Dark Knight.

"Justice League" cast member Ezra Miller stated that the studio will begin filming "The Flash" solo movie soon despite the lack of official updates.

Film shoot schedule coming soon

According to Twitter username Daniel Eliesen, Ezra Miller stated that the "Flashpoint" movie will be filming soon and he is excited about the project.

While DC fans are excited to hear that production crew is ready to shoot the film, others are skeptical about it due to Warner Bros. lack of official updates about the movie.

Variety reporter Justin Kroll told Meet the Movie Press in a previous interview that "The Flash" film's production will depend on the performance of "Justice League" in the box office. Kroll also claimed that he has been tracking directors to helm the movie, but the studio has halted the search.

The "Justice League" has garnered positive reviews at the box office and Warner Bros. has laid out their scheduled plans for the other film projects for the DC Extended Universe.

Flashpoint Batman

According to, Jeffrey Dean Morgan stated that Warner Bros.

has a certain role for him in the DCEU and he has his "eyes" on it. This led to comic book fans speculation that the studio plans to cast "The Walking Dead" actor into the "Flashpoint" movie.

JDM played the role of Bruce Wayne's father, Thomas, in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" and fans are hoping to see his version of Batman in "The Flash" live-action movie.

In the "'Flashpoint" comic book storyline, Bruce was killed by Joe Chill in Crime Alley instead of his parents, and the tragedy broke both Thomas and Martha.

Thomas became the Dark Knight to protect Gotham City and has no qualms about using guns or killing criminals to keep the streets safe from crime. Martha became this world's Joker and she has laid out a path of destruction and death upon her rise to insanity to compensate for the loss of her son.

Barry Allen enlists the help of Thomas to restore the original timeline and prevent the end of the world from Aquaman and Wonder Woman's war. Barry's actions in the movie could also lead to a soft reboot of the DCEU similar to the main DC universe.