One of the top talking points used by Donald Trump when he was running for president was the promise that he would end the so-called "War on Christmas." The president spoke about using the term "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays," but it appears his daughter didn't get the memo.

Ivanka on Christmas

In recent years, conservatives and liberals appear to have the same conversation and debate each holiday season. Those on the right of the political spectrum often fight back against what they perceive as a "War on Christmas" in regards to many liberals trying to expand the holiday season to create a move inclusive celebration for those who celebrate other holidays.

The term "Happy Holidays," for example, has been used in increased use at many places of business as an attempt to make those who don't celebrate Christmas more conformable. In response, Republicans and many in the right-wing media have cited that as an example that the left is attacking their Christian faith, which Donald Trump made sure to address once he kicked off his campaign for president. Since Thanksgiving, Trump has appeared at several rallies with a Christmas-themed backdrop where he takes time to gloat over the use of "Merry Christmas." Despite this, Ivanka Trump doesn't seem to be in lockstep with her father as she tweeted out a greeting on December 12 by writing "Happy Holidays."

In a tweet sent out this week by Ivanka Trump, the first daughter posted an innocent message for the holidays.

"Happy Holidays," she posted, along with attaching pictures of herself and a few friends. As expected, those who oppose the president used the opportunity to troll the first family.

Happy mockery

After Ivanka Trump posted her "Happy Holidays" tweet, it didn't take long for the backlash to begin. "The war on Christmas begins!

Ivanka casts the first stone," one tweet read.


WE SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! YOUR DADDY BROUGHT IT BACK!" Tony Posnanski posted. "Your dad didn’t win the war on Christmas so you could wuss out like this," Guy Endore-Kaiser tweeted back.

"Your dad didn’t bring 'Merry Christmas' back so you can tweet 'Happy Holidays.'" yet another tweet added.

"Didn’t you get the memo there are no more holidays just Christmas," an additional Twitter user wrote. The mocking and trolling of Donald Trump's insistence on using the term "Merry Christmas" continued as the social and culture wars between the left and right were more than obvious.