The fate of some 'Hawaii Five-O' favorites is up in the air for the summer. Fans know that Steve McGarrett may be facing an enemy even more wicked than Wo Fat as he tackles radiation poisoning. Courage will surely see the Lt. Commander through, but the star may be looking to further horizons. Alex O'Loughlin candidly divulged last fall that Season 8 would be his personal sayonara from the island. That’s the reason why fans should truly celebrate each and every coming on-screen second with the Australian star who truly feels the “ohana” of Hawaii as home after years of raising his family on Oahu.

Executive producer and showrunner Peter Lenkov has promised that, as long as fans keep watching, 'Hawaii Five-O' will move forward, but it certainly may lose the engine of heroism and brotherhood that purrs between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan while they run in pursuit of evil perpetrators.

Now is the perfect time for a summer school lesson on some bonds between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan that go beyond the shooting of the series.

Acting and island life

All the 'Hawaii Five-O' faithful fans know that the co-stars are the same age, and share birthdays just one day apart in August. What many may not know is both actors had some hesitancy about settling in Hawaii. Scott Caan got into some sticky press that was plenty painful early on when he mentioned on 'Chelsea Lately' that he had a rough time early on with the slow pace of life that Islanders relish with great pride.

Alex O'Loughlin wasn’t sure at first about moving to the tropical paradise but now celebrates with joy that his best family memories "are Hawaiian memories," as he detailed in Watch magazine. Scott modifies his shooting time to allow mainland visitation in his schedule. The support of family and friends for both made the move smoother.

Both these stars are true thespians.

Alex O'Loughlin began his acting career on the Sydney stage, where he embraced the works and the words of classic masters, Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov. Scott Caan is an acclaimed playwright, who has published a collection of his own one-act plays, 'The Performance of Heartbreak'. His last production was a comedy, 'The Trouble We Came From'. Alex O’Loughlin garnered honors for 'The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant' and 'The Oyster Farmer' in Australia.

He never even had to audition for 'Hawaii Five-O'.

Talents and treats beyond the scenes

Both Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan are devoted dads now but still have their dreams. Alex can "drop into McGarrett's head space" anytime he likes now, but he really yearns for a few moments alone, as he joked in his Father's Day talk with CBS Watch magazine. Scott Caan may spend his dream states with his celebrity crushes, French actresses, Melanie Laurent and Ludivine Sagnier.

Music is another place of common ground for the co-stars, though styles may differ. Alex O'Loughlin claims that he is never alone so long as he can strum on a guitar. Scott Caan had a legitimate hip-hop career as 'Mad Skillz' in the 90s duo, Whooliganz, with The Alchemist.

Sports brings the guys together during rare down time.

Scott Caan is the man to thank for getting Alex O’Loughlin shirtless in the surf. Caan introduced his cast mate to the sport, and the lessons made an impression. Alex married Malia Jones, a model, designer, and former pro-surfer. O’Loughlin must have been an "A" student all the way.

Scott uses surfing in a touching charity outreach, THERA-surf, which provides opportunities for adults and children with special needs to feel the joy of the sport. Alex O’Loughlin has been an ambassador for the organ donation initiative, Donate Life, for many years. Scott also introduced Alex to chess and jiu-jitsu, and the two cop crusaders battled with MMA champion, Egan Inoue.

No fan yet knows how Season 8 will unfold for the favorite fun and "cargument" feuding police partners on television, but at least there is a season ahead and lots to keep McDanno busy.

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