After hiring Lady Gaga to popularize themselves among the younger crowd, New York-based luxury jewelry store Tiffany's & Co has invested in a custom restaurant-coffee shop with the colors and props of its brand. The chain, which experienced a slight drop in sales in 2014, is advancing in 2017 with a new collection and with the Blue Box Café restaurant. Richard Moore, the vice president creative director, in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, said that "we hope it will draw customers up to experience the artfully composed home of Tiffany's new luxury home and accessories collection of elevated everyday objects."

'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

The idea comes from the film, a little over a half-century ago, in which actress Audrey Hepburn eats a coffee and a croissant in front of the jewelry store, which is on Fifth Avenue in New York.

The film won an Oscar and became an American Culture classic, popularizing the store for the whole world. In the story, Audrey's role, Holly Golightly, moves to New York and joins the local High Society. In 2012, the film was added to the US National Film Registry at the Library of Congress.

Meals and Prices

The Blue Box Café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A breakfast containing coffee and croissant is being served at the price of $29, which can come with accompanied by avocado toast, truffled eggs, or a smoked salmon bagel with a schmear. A lunch or dinner can be enjoyed for $39, with American classic dishes on the menu (does not include fees and tips).

The Restaurant

The restaurant is in the same building where the store is located and overlooks the beginning of Central Park.

The entire restaurant is compact and decorated with the distinctive blue of Tiffany's (from the walls to the dishes, past chairs, and table accessories) and retains the same charm as the jewelry store. Richard Moore, still speaking for Vanity Fair, concludes that the "design of the space began from the idea of immersion in Tiffany – not only the feeling of being inside a blue box but surrounded by Tiffany hospitality." The Blue Box Café was entirely decorated by Reed Krakfoff, the company's new artistic head-chair, in his first major work.

In addition to the coffee, a new collection of jewelry recently launched takes its assignment. The company says that coffee is for "customers who have always dreamed of having Breakfast At Tiffany's." No doubt it's another gorgeous meeting place for New Yorkers and tourists from everywhere!