After yet another controversial week in office, Donald Trump's administration was once again set up for satire. On the latest "Saturday Night Live," Trump was once again a prime target.

"SNL" on Trump

Ever since Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president back in June 2015, he's dominated the headlines in politics and in entertainment. However, it wasn't until his surprising nomination at the Republican National Convention that turned his candidacy into routine fodder for comedians. After his first debate with Hillary Clinton, "Saturday Night Live" hired veteran actor Alec Baldwin to play the satirical role of the former host of "The Apprentice." Baldwin's portrayal of Trump was so spot on that he received rave reviews, and eventually ended up winning an Emmy Award earlier this year.

While the ratings for "SNL" increased, Trump was not pleased what how he was being portrayed. Following several broadcasts of the show, Trump made it a point to lash out at "SNL," doing so on Twitter where he called for the show to be canceled and accused Baldwin of being "not funny." While he hasn't mentioned the program since being sworn into office, it hasn't stop "SNL" from having their fun. As seen during the December 9 edition of "Saturday Night Live," Trump, Republicans, and others were mocked once again.

Kicking off the show's cold open, "Saturday Night Live" ran a Christmas theme skit where different children visited Santa Clause, played by Kenan Thompson, and his elf, played by Kate McKinnon, at a local mall.

One by one, the children asked for different items, while each bringing up a hot topic in politics. "Can you tell me what did Al Franken do?" one boy asked. "I guess you can say Al Franken is on Santa's naughty list." "What about Roy Moore," the boy wondered, to which Santa made sure to deflect.

Next up was a young girl, who was quick to hint at the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump.

"Is President Trump on the naughty list?" she asked. "Our president might have said or done a few naughty things," Santa said, to which the elf replied, "19 accusers, Google it!" Several other children were highlighted, where they brought up the GOP tax bill, the bitcoin phenomenon, Chuck Schumer, and the NFL protests. In closing, the elf gave a hopeful speech to a young girl, who took a shot at Fox News in the process, before ending the segment.

Next up

While "Saturday Night Live" continues to use Donald Trump as a humorous punching bag, the commander in chief has other issues to worry about. With questions still remaining about the future of health care and tax reform, Trump is awaiting the findings of the ongoing and controversial investigation into Russian election interference.