General Hospital” fans are a passionate bunch. There are plenty of opinions about the characters to go around, but Sam (Kelly Monaco), Jason (Steve Burton), and Drew (Billy Miller) are garnering a lot of attention. In fact, some would say people have lost their minds with that is going on. “General Hospital” has focused a lot of time on “JaSam” (Jason and Sam) throughout the years. When Burton exited back in 2012, no one believed the couple could be revived with a replacement. That was until Miller stepped into the role, showing everyone how intense the chemistry was between him and Monaco.

Fans cross the line

When Steve Burton returned to “General Hospital,” fans started to blend fictional life into their real life. There are plenty of upset fans who wanted “Killy” (Kelly and Billy) to remain together on the show. It was thought that the writers would leave Billy Miller as Jason and reintroduce Burton as the twin. Unfortunately, that didn't play out and some “Killy” fans were upset. They started to address the actors on social media, sending nasty messages. Both Kelly Monaco and Miller addressed their audience and asked them to stop. They included the message that bullying was not okay in any situation.

In recent episodes, a new band of crazed fans has arisen. “General Hospital” has made Sam act differently than expected, which has upset fans.

Many believe Jason is still her true love, and they won't settle for her being with Drew. Unfortunately, she is where she wants to be, and fans are going to have to accept that Drew is who she loves. Kelly Monaco has now started getting mean tweets and comments on social media from the fans who are wanting her with Jason.

Steve Burton sends fans a message

Now, we have already heard from Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller asking their fans to stop harassing their co-stars. This happened roughly a month ago. Here we are, back again with Steve Burton having to send out a tweet to remind “General Hospital” fans that they are actors telling a fictional story.

Burton isn't one to be overly dramatic so the fact that he took the time to address fans and ask them to stop says a lot.

“General Hospital” has been on the air for over 50 years and this is the first big story that has brought out a significant number of opinions and nasty comments. Long-time viewers are shocked at what is transpiring on social media, especially after the actors have asked for it to stop.