General Hospital” fans are torn over the tale of two Jasons. There are die-hard Billy Miller fans and there are die-hard Steve Burton fans. The two can't seem to agree with who is the real Jason Morgan. Things have become tense on social media, so much so that a “General Hospital” fan-favorite had to speak up. In fact, it has been likened to bullying, which isn't cool on any platform.

What happened?

It appears that Twitter has become a platform for “General Hospital” fans to voice their frustrations with who is the real Jason Morgan. The problem stems from Steve Burton being the Jason Morgan (and Quartermaine prior to the accident) who held the role for over two decades.

When he left “General Hospital” in 2012, fans were devastated. The recast happened with Billy Miller, and people went nuts. As things were starting to settle down and Miller's version of Jason Morgan was being accepted, Burton returned to the show. Fans have been incredibly vocal, probably more than they have been in a while.

Now, Kelly Monaco has had to step in and ask “General Hospital” fans to chill out. In fact, she used the words bullying and asked fans to respect her coworkers as well. Team “Killy” (Kelly and Billy fans) have been attacking Steve Burton fans. Both Monaco and Billy Miller are big on kindness and she made that abundantly clear. “General Hospital” fans are intense, but this was a bit much, even for the long-time fans who have gone a little crazy too.

Who is Jason Morgan?

Right now, “General Hospital” fans seem to be torn.

There are signs that both men could easily be Jason Morgan, especially with them having the same memories. Because Steve Burton has the “real” Jason face, a lot of people are siding with him. Even Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) have abandoned Billy Miller's Jason in favor of Burton's. This storyline is supposed to play out for nine months, so there is plenty more that will happen.

The truth will be exposed and fans may be shocked with the way things turn out on “General Hospital.”

This storyline evoked a lot of feelings. There hasn't been this much chatter about "General Hospital" in quite a while. Not only does it have the fans talking, but the ratings are also up. This is good news because for a while "General Hospital" was only doing okay. The next few months are going to be filed with surprises and shocking twists. "General Hospital" will return with new episodes Monday after the holiday weekend.