Danielle Bregoli appeared on the "Dr. Phil" show last year and again in February along with her mother, Barbara Ann, to discuss the 13-year-old girl's out-of-control behavior. Quite often during the interview, Dr. Phil had to ask her to repeat what she was saying because she seemed to have had a language of her own. What caught the studio audience and television viewers' attention was when Danielle said to the audience that was laughing at her, Cash me outside, howbow dat? Her mother had to explain what her daughter was saying and what she meant.

She was challenging the audience to go outside the studio and fight.

Danielle's waywardness

Danielle had a habit of stealing. in fact, she stole a crew member's car and went on a joy ride while filming the show. She hit a woman on a Spirit Airlines flight. Police arrived and escorted Danielle, her mother, and the woman off the plane. No charges were filed, but all three of them are banned for life from the airline.

Bregoli's merchandise and appearances

Shortly after Bregoli's appearance, the interview went viral. Then the teen posted on her Instagram page a link to her official merchandise. A blanket with a her picture on it sells for $250.

Bregoli has reportedly become famous and is making money because of that one liner.

She has gotten 5.6 million followers on Instagram, and over 100 million people have watched her live video appearance. The wayward teen is allegedly being paid $40,000 for public appearances.

According to TMZ, Danielle is making an appearance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May. The owner admits that he is hosting Danielle’s 14th birthday party in March, and she’ll get part of the money that will come from ticket sales.

The “cash me outside girl” is showing up on social media. She dances on the hood of a luxury car in a music video for Kodak Black. The teen and the rapper posted an explicit Facetime chat that has gone viral.

Danielle's father objects

Danielle's father Ira is allegedly worried about his daughter's sudden fame. He is concerned because she is in the spotlight for the wrong reason.

He believes that no good can come from being rewarded for outrageous behavior and speaking improperly. Ira believes that as long as the public spurs her on, his daughter will continue to think she is famous.