Coco,” the newest animated movie by Disney-Pixar is headed for a third consecutive win at the United States box office after consistently clinching the top spot since its opening week, Variety reported. It has surpassed Warner Bros’ “Justice League” at the box office as well.

Recent figures revealed “Coco” has garnered a total of more than $280 million in worldwide screening and is expected to increase in the coming weeks. It has earned a total of more than $115 million in the domestic box office and more than $172 million in the foreign box office.

“Coco” tells the story of a 12-year-old boy named Miguel who hails from Mexico. Carrying his passion for music, he takes on a journey toward the land of the dead and rekindles the lost connections in his family. This is another successful film by Disney-Pixar following the release of “Moana” in 2016.

The animated movie has not suffered any slump at the box office, unlike its competitor, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment’s “Justice League.” The fourth weekend of the superhero movie earned around $9 million and reached the $200 million mark on December 5. However, the first few days of the screening had some reviewers noting that it did not perform well in terms of ticket sales.

Success in China

It is not only in the Western hemisphere that “Coco” has been reaping unprecedented success. The animated film has also surpassed “Justice League” in China, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The movie’s 10-day earnings have now reached almost $76 million in the East Asian nation, making it the “most successful movie” by Pixar ever shown in the region.

While “Justice League” is not trailing too far behind, it only came in second place in Chinese cinemas after earning around $99 million in a 17-day span.

It has been said that the success of “Coco” in China is reminiscent to that of “Zootopia.” The latter also experienced wide reception from viewers when it was shown in 2016.

Well-loved around the world

A couple of weeks from the day it was first shown, this new Disney-Pixar movie has continuously moved audiences to tears. Whether children or kids at heart, some of the viewers openly expressed their appreciation by applauding just as the final credits of the film were shown.

In a cinema in the Philippines, a father was seen smiling during several scenes in the movie. He was watching with his two children, whom he noticed crying after the lights were turned on and the credits started rolling.

“Coco” featured voices of actors and actresses who were mostly of Hispanic blood. Some of them include Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, and Jaime Camil.