Pixar's “Coco,” released by Walt Disney Pictures, earned an estimated $71.2 million to make an impression on the audience, and steal the thunder from “Justice League” during its opening weekend. The film is a computer-animated musical fantasy produced by Pixar and based on an idea by Lee Unkrich. He directed it as well.

According to USA Today, “Coco” is based on a Mexican story (Day of the Dead). It received positive views and collected an estimated $71.2 million during the Thanksgiving weekend in America to occupy the top spot in the domestic box office.

It has already earned around $48.8 million in Mexico, where it was released three weeks earlier. Obviously, the audience has loved the animated film.

The story of the film

Coco” is the story of a 12-year-old boy named Miguel. He visits the land of the dead by accident, and requests one of his relatives to send him back to the land of the living. It is a musical fantasy, and has proved that a good story never fails to make the grade. A quality product will always be attractive material, especially if it is an animation.

The film was Pixar's sixth release to land an A-plus CinemaScore from audiences while the Rotten Tomatoes rating was more than 90 percent - coupled with word of mouth, it has helped “Coco” to make its presence felt at the box office.

Hollywood is trying to recover from various allegations against celebrities of the movie world. As skeletons keep tumbling out from cupboards, a movie like “Coco” comes as a breath of fresh air.

Viewers have become choosy

Moviemaking has broken new barriers, and today the audience is quick to reject mediocrity. The animation film is in a category of its own, and it seldom fails to click.

In such films, the production teams can let their imaginations run wild, without bothering about the tantrums of big names. They need not scout around for breathtaking locations or face accidents on the sets or disturbances in shooting schedules. Leave the story to the specialists, give them sufficient time, and they will produce a masterpiece.

Coco” is a joint venture between Pixar and Walt Disney. It is proof that the audience wants good movies with a gripping story. There are action movies, sci-fi movies, and remakes of old-time movies, but animated movies are in a different genre. They will never lose their charm. They have ruled the box office for ages and will continue to do so in the future also because the appeal is universal.