"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that there has been a real lack of DiMera villains in Salem since the death of Stefano DiMera, played by the late actor Joseph Mascolo. Since Stefano's last appearance on the NBC soap opera, things have calmed down a bit in Salem when it comes to the DiMera family's war on the other prominent families in Salem, such as the Horton's, Brady's, and Kiriakis'. However, the DiMera family can't lay dormant for long, and many "DOOL" fans are wondering if Chad will be the next DiMera to go to the dark side.

He's got it all

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers and news, Chad DiMera seemingly has it all. He's wealthy, he runs DiMera Enterprises, he's married to the love of his life, Abigail Deveraux, and the two share a son, Thomas, together. What more could Chad want? Well, he could want more power, and with that comes making some less than easy decisions.

It seems that "DOOL" fans have witnessed Chad go off the deep end a few times in the past, especially when Abigail is concerned. However, now that he knows Kate is to blame for Theo Carver's involvement in a plan that landed him in the hospital, it seems Chad's more dominant and assertive side will be coming out. Upon finding out about Kate's secret he got intensely angry and even threw Kate out of the DiMera mansion.

Chad was deeply hurt by Kate's actions, as she is the closest thing to a mother he has, and now there is a huge rift between them.

'DOOL' viewers love Chad DiMera just the way he is

Could the pressure of being in charge of DiMera Enterprises, knowing about Kate's secret, and his other daily responsibilities lead Chad to become the next big DiMera family villain?

While anything can happen on "Days Of Our Lives" as many longtime fans know, it seems that Chad's virtue is safe, at least for now. He's currently one of the soap opera's golden boys, and fans love to love him. In a recent poll, 79 percent of "DOOL" watchers revealed that they wanted Chad to stay just the way he is, while only 12 percent of voters wanted to see Chad follow in his father Stefano's footsteps.

Should Chad be even nicer than he already is?

However, eight percent revealed that they would like to see Chad Dimera become even nicer than he already is. Currently, Chad can take care of business and assert himself when needed while still keeping his good heart and perspective, and it seems that is how he will stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Fans can watch Chad's storyline play out on "Days of our Lives," weekday afternoons on NBC.