"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that the love triangle between Will, Sonny, and Paul is about to get even more intense. The trio have been dancing around each other for weeks now, with Sonny trying to choose between Will and Paul, Paul waiting in agony for Sonny to make his choice, and Will trying to remember Sonny, but being attracted to Paul. Now, things are about to get more complicated as Will finds out that Sonny is a very wealthy man due to his powerful family name and position as CEO at Titan Industries.

The love triangle continues

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news and spoilers, actors Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith, who play Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis on the NBC soap opera, recently revealed to a "DOOL" insider that Sonny will do everything in his power to try and help Will remember their former life together.

However, it won't be easy. Will can't remember much about anything that happened to him before being resurrected from the dead, and now he seemingly has his sights set on Paul Narita. The actors also revealed that the holiday kiss they share isn't all it's cracked up to be. The pair reveal that Will kisses Sonny to "appease" him, and that he is much more interested in Paul, at least until he finds out how rich Sonny is. That's when everything could change.

Will playing a dangerous game?

Although Sonny will continue to try and get Will to fall in love with him again, Will won't be able to get over his attraction to Paul. Will and Paul will begin spending time together as friends, but it looks like things could get more serious between them in the future.

However, "Days Of Our Lives" fans could see Will play up his relationships with both Sonny and Paul for very different reasons. He may be after Sonny for his money, and Paul for some steamy hookups.

Will Sonny be left out in the cold?

Many "Days of our Lives" viewers are now wondering if Will Horton and Paul Narita will eventually end up together, leaving Sonny Kiriakis out in the cold.

If this happens, it would be a major plot twist that not many fans saw coming when news of Will's return to "DOOL" was first announced. Although it seems that Will and Sonny ending up together is in the cards, it may take them a bit longer than fans expected to get there. The storyline continues to get more and more interesting for Salem's hottest love triangle, and it looks like fans will just have to keep watching the soap to find out how it all plays out.