"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that JJ's guilt is getting worse by the day, and that he will decide he cannot live with himself for shooting Theo Carver. Theo, who is currently in the hospital in a coma, is fighting for his life due to the injuries he sustained after being shot by JJ, who believed him to be an armed criminal. "DOOL" fans will see JJ spiral into a very dark place, and he'll believe that killing himself is the only way out.

JJ wants to end his life

The latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers and news reveal that JJ will heartbreakingly write goodbye letters to his loved ones, which will likely include his mother, Jennifer Horton, sister Abigail DiMera, and likely his ex-girlfriend, Lani.

JJ may even decide to write letters to his nephew Thomas, or even his friend/ex-girlfriend, Gabi Hernandez. He may even write a letter to Abe and/or Theo as well. The scenes will likely be hard to watch as JJ believes ending his life is the only way to escape the pain he feels. JJ will display some of the classic signs of suicide, which include giving away his possessions. JJ will give away important things that he wants his loved ones to have before he plans to take his own life.

Can anyone save JJ?

Suicide is a sensitive topic, and a heavy one for the NBC soap opera to tackle, especially around the holiday season. However, it seems that JJ's attempt to end his life will not happen. Perhaps JJ will remember that he still has so much to live for, like family and friends who love him, or he'll get news that Theo has woken up from his coma.

"Days Of Our Lives" viewers may even see someone like Jennifer, Gabi, Abigail, Chad, Lani, or Eric stop him from committing the act. However, many "DOOL" fans believe it will be JJ's late father, Jack Deveraux, who will be the one to save him.

Jack to the rescue?

Actor Matthew Ashford has been confirmed to return to "Days of our Lives" for a short arc, and it looks like he may appear to his son, JJ, in his time of need.

Jack, who has also appeared to Jennifer while she was at a low point in her life, will have to once again save a member of his family. In addition, Jack will be seen in JJ's memories as he remembers the good times with his family while contemplating suicide.

It's set to be an emotional couple of weeks for JJ, and fans are already mentally preparing themselves for the sad scenes. Don't forget to tune in to "Days of our Lives" on weekday afternoons on NBC to see how it all plays out.