"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that things are about to get more complicated for Chad DiMera. The fan-favorite character is going to be dealing with a ton of drama when the new year rolls in, and it all starts when he meets his secret brother, Stefano DiMera's long-lost son, Stefan O. DiMera, who is being played by actor Tyler Christopher.

Stefan will shock Salem

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news and spoilers on Twitter, Stefan will come to Salem on New Year's Eve as Abigail and Chad throw a big bash to ring in 2018. Everyone will likely be very shocked to meet Stefan and hear his backstory.

Of course, there will be a ton of questions, but "DOOL" will make it clear that from the time that Stefan hits Salem that he'll have a thing for Abigail. Of course, this will cause a ton of chaos between him and his brother, Chad, who is married to Abigail.

'Chabby' has had a rough year

As "Days Of Our Lives" fans know, Chad and Abigail are a huge favorite among viewers. The pair has had a rough couple of years as Chad was forced to check Abigail into a mental hospital, she faked her own death, got divorced, and then re-married after Abigail married Dario Hernandez. The couple has finally gotten to a good place in their relationship and their life with their son, Thomas, but Stefan's entrance into Salem could change everything.

If Stefan is anything like his father, Stefano, he could lock in on Abigail and stop at nothing to have her. In the past, Stefano carried a torch for Marlena Evans and spent decades trying to have her. He did everything from kidnap her, to fake her husband's death, and even brainwash the love of her life, John Black. If Stefan follows in Stefano's footsteps he could not only cause trouble in Abigail and Chad's marriage but also ruin their lives.

How will Abigail react?

"Days of our Lives" viewers could see Stefan go as far as to worm his way into DiMera Enterprises, where he would work closely with Abigail, or even find a way to move into the DiMera mansion, where he would have access to Abby every day. Now the big question will be if Abigail will be taken with Stefan and all of the attention that he will surely be giving his sister-in-law.

Many fans believe that Chad and Abigail's relationship is going to be strong for a long time to come. However, Stefan thrusting himself into their lives is surely going to be a bump in the road for the beloved "DOOL" characters.

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