'Counting On' couple, derick dillard and his wife Jill Duggar, have apparently moved to a smaller home. This was revealed when Derick was asked on Twitter about it. He mentioned the reason was that it was less expensive to rent than the house they were in before.

'Counting On' allegedly dropped Derick Dillard from the show and news was reported that TLC had no option but to do so after Derick's homophobic comments about Jaz Jennings. Derick Dillard has since said that he was the one who left 'Counting On' but irrespective, it must have affected the family income.

As you can see from his tweet, he wrote that they were 'heading in a different direction."

'Counting On' is showbiz, maybe they don't want the hoopla

If you look at Derick's tweets, this is hardly a surprise. He seems to come across as rather conservative and exhibits an independent mindset. Perhaps he wants to be free of the showbiz hoopla?

TheFame on YouTube pointed out that Derick had been renting their rather large house from Jim Bob and expressed surprise that they were paying rent for it.

But really, how many people in the world get free rent, even if their landlord is a member of their family?

When Derick was asked, "I am a big supporter. I was wondering why you guys left your GORGEOUS mansion to move closer to college when it's only 20 miles away. That's not much of a drive and the kids probably loved the space and yard.

Just curious. God bless," he never mentioned Jim Duggar at all.

He just said, "It was just cheaper rent so it made more sense. Thanks for the support.."

When the tweeter replied, pointing out all the nasty stuff being said about Derick and Jill Dillard, "saying All you can do is pray.

I don't know how it's legal, honestly," Derick responded to that too.

"I block accounts that try to pass anything false as true. Their only goal is to tear down people they hate; seeking the truth is obviously the farthest from their goal. What they publish, on this platform or elsewhere, is already guilty of libel. However, I love them despite this."

Derick calls for honesty

It seems Derick is getting tired of supposition, conjecture and outright speculation being put across as 'news.'

In one Twitter post he wrote,"Everyone should be honest, and likewise, everyone should judge based on what they KNOW to be TRUTH. If you don’t know the truth of a situation, don’t make a judgment about it."

TheFame alludes to the move out of the big house being related to Jill falling out of favor with Jim and Michelle Duggar since she married Derick.

But once again, this is all conjecture based on what some fans or haters of the Duggar Family are saying, and not on any gospel thruth.

Prosperity churches and enrichment

Perhaps all Derick wants is to free his kids from the public scrutiny that the Duggars had to endure? Perhaps he and Jill just want to serve their God, rather than serve the dish to unbelievers? In this day and age, with all the 'prosperity' churches that seem to enrich the pastors more than the people, perhaps Derick and Jill are choosing to live by the word of God, instead of profiting by it. The bible does say, "be ye not unequally yoked." How do you justify raking in the big bucks from showbiz, when all you want to do is follow the word of Jesus?

Only Derick and Jill Dillard know the real reasons why they moved out of their house. After all, people move house all the time but that's hardly front page news. What do you think? Leave your comments in the box below.