Brittany Cartwright's boyfriend, jax taylor, was intimate with Faith Stowers just a short time before last night's episode of "Vanderpump Rules" was shot but that didn't stop Cartwright from sleeping with him on the show. In fact, she wasted no time jumping back into bed with her cheating partner and ultimately came clean about doing so to her female co-stars, Scheana Marie and Stassi Schroeder.

On December 19, Radar Online labeled Brittany Cartwright "desperate" and said that she clearly can't get enough of Jax Taylor, despite his shocking affair with her friend and co-star.

That said, despite Cartwright's decision to be intimate with Taylor, she continued to fight with him throughout the show, and during a night out with her girlfriends, she confronted him about cheating on her numerous times. As fans have seen on the show, Cartwright has suspected Taylor was unfaithful in the past and once found false eyelashes in their bathroom.

Jax Taylor claims Brittany Cartwright was more turned on after he cheated

In response to Brittany Cartwright's anger, Jax Taylor admitted that he'd had enough of her complaints after just three days. He even said that he wished Cartwright would sleep with someone else so that they could move on. Taylor then shockingly revealed that his girlfriend was actually more turned on by him after he cheated.

“I’ve had more sex in the last two days than I’ve had in the last six months," Jax Taylor told Tom Sandoval during the show. "[Brittany] told me ‘This whole situation has made me h***ier than ever.'”

The 'Vanderpump Rules' cast threw a party for Brittany Cartwright

Following Jax Taylor's cheating admission, the women of "Vanderpump Rules" threw a party for Brittany Cartwright at Stassi Schroeder's home, which quickly came as bad news to Taylor, who wanted the girls to stay out of his relationship.

Taylor then responded to accusations of trying to manipulate Cartwright, asking, "What am I getting out of this?” He then surprisingly added, “Okay, a girlfriend, but girlfriends are a dime a dozen.”

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