The latest updates and spoilers for "Avengers: Infinity War" reveal that Thor Odinson's adopted brother, Loki, will join Thanos and the Black Order in the movie. Brazilian news website Omelete tweeted that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed the long-rumored theory during the CCXP event adding more stake and complications to the story.

Feige also revealed that future "Avengers" movies will take place in space after the events of Phase 3 and it will give the studio a chance to tell more enriching stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Loki's betrayal

Kevin Feige confirmed during Marvel's panel at CCXP that Loki will betray his brother once again to save his own skin by aligning himself with Thanos and his forces. It seems that Loki gives him the Tesseract as a bargaining chip to spare his life, while other comic book fans speculated that the trickster god "pretended" to join Mad Titan to save Thor and the Asgardians from death.

Thanos has obtained both the Tesseract and the Power Stone in the "Avengers: Infinity War" trailer and he sets his sights on the earth to retrieve the Mind, Time, and Soul Stones.

The Black Order will hunt down Doctor Stephen Strange and Vision, while an army of Outriders will invade the African nation of Wakanda for the Soul Stone.

Captain America and Iron Man must put aside their differences to unite the Earth's mightiest heroes and stop the Mad Titan's quest to complete the Infinity Stones and reshape the universe to his twisted vision.

The Guardians of the Galaxy will also join the fight and comic book fans are excited to see several unlikely team-ups from both factions.

There is also a speculation that Bruce Banner will fight his monstrous side for control of his body during the events of the movie.

Avengers in space

Feige also announced that future "Avengers" storylines will take place in outer space as part their plans for Phase 4 in the MCU.

"If the Avengers survive, we will see more films with them in space," Feige said. "I love and would like to see more films in space."

"The Guardians of the Galaxy" films have opened the doors for Marvel to explore the unknown regions of space and upcoming projects such as "Captain Marvel," "Infinity War," and the fourth "Avengers" film will feature more outer space adventures.

The fifth season of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." will also take place in space, but the events of the show will not be connected to the MCU films.