Everyone saw Mark and Nikki on the show "90 Day Fiance." This couple has a really big age difference, but somehow they were able to make their relationship work. Now, Starcasm is sharing that the lawsuit they filed against TLC has now been thrown out. This couple hasn't been on any of the follow-up shows and they also aren't on social networks. They seem to have really moved on from anything to do with reality television. They don't want any part of being on the show or even on any update shows. It is surprising that they would be on the show at all as secretive as they are being now about everything.

How are these two doing now?

There are really no updates on them at all. Back in March, Mark left a review of a restaurant online and he mentioned his wife at the time. That seems to be the latest update from Mark and Nikki. They aren't even talking at all on social networks so it makes it hard for people to get updates on how they are doing. They were spending time together in Hawaii recently. It looked like they were having fun. Mark and Nikki seem to have worked even though a lot of people didn't think that they would.

So what is the deal on the lawsuit?

It turns out that back in May of this year the lawsuit was thrown out. Somehow at the time, Nikki and Mark were able to keep it out of the news.

Basically, the judge decided that they signed a contract to be on a reality show and there is nothing that they can file a lawsuit on. The contract actually says that they can edit things however they want to do it, so they can't sue for that either. The only way that they could have won this lawsuit was if they could prove that they did something on purpose to defame the duo or fraud them, but that wasn't the case either.

One thing that came up in the lawsuit is the fact that they get paid $1,000 per episode. Mark has also filed a lot of lawsuits in the past, so it wasn't like this was something new to him. It didn't work out for him this time around, though. Mark may have won some money in the past, but the one against TLC didn't end up helping him get rich at all.

Are you shocked to hear that Mark and Nikki seem to be still together? Are you shocked to hear that their lawsuit against TLC was thrown out? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" when they air on Sunday nights on TLC. Nikki and Mark won't be there, but we can continue to get updates on the other couples in the franchise that are willing to keep sharing their stories.