"We all just want to apologize" feels like a theme this week, and most weeks. Vicki is determined this season not to get into any conflict after how isolated she’s been in the past over her dramatic antics. She is in heaven now that Tamra is coming around but aside from a foot in the mouth here and there she is staying in the safe zone.

A dinner, two serenades, and several apologies

Creepy Viking dinner host, Sigurdur Hroarsson (a cross between Andy Warhol and Less Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnati) welcomes the OC crew to a dinner that Peggy would rather cut her arm off than attend.

Before drinks are even poured and insults are hurled, a choir clad in wool matching sweaters serenade the diners. The table is missing Lydia and Peggy but the others are happy to start without them.

The burgeoning rekindled lovefest continues with our OG blondes of the OC. Shannon maintains she is fine with Vicki and Tamra reconciling their friendship but we know better. Vicki attempts an apology across the table and Shannon calls bull****, all the while being chastised for eating potatoes and making more self-effacing fat jokes at herself. Tamra reminds Vicki again that Brooks was what drove the wedge between them. Vicki did the whole “I am not talking about Brooks anymore” on both the "rhoc" and on talk shows but she is going to have to eat crow about him again to get Tamra’s friendship back.

Armed and ready for battle

The Mercedes shuttle bus pulls up to the restaurant and our missing housewives emerge. Lydia perky and happy and Peggy dressed for battle in head-to-toe lipstick red and armed with a resting b**** face that she had no intention of releasing. The restaurant stops everything to have the choir sing to Peggy and Lydia.

Peggy’s attitude has her looking annoyed at this performance. Kelly jumps up post performance and apologizes to Peggy and Peggy wants less than nothing to do with it. Kelly is notoriously insensitive but still is faulted for being drunk and assumed to be malicious when mentioning Peggy’s father the day before.

Peggy whips out the video evidence of all the unforgivable things the other women did the previous day.

She has the heavy artillery of exactly how Megan is a bad mom, Kelly is insensitive, Tamra is drunk and laughing about her. This sets the whole table off. Hormonal new mom Megan is ugly-crying, Tamra becomes nasty calling Diko a little b****, Kelly threatens to one-up the haterade game (which we know she can easily do) and Vicki is staying out of all of it. She is not getting involved in this mean girl hazing they are doing to Peggy. She even smears lipstick on to keep herself from putting another foot in her mouth. Peggy storms out of the restaurant and leaves, literally on a jet plane back to California in the wee hours of the night.

Back home

Post-Iceland, life is back to normal at home in the OC, albeit with some jet lag and leftover feelings.

Lydia is in her rainbow kitchen cooking and her mom is sprinkling fairy dust on the food like she does everything else, Vicki visits Briana at the guilt-trip house and tells her about the casserole she got (but not the anxiety attack that sent her to the hospital) and Diko is exhausted just hearing Peggy break down the trip.

Tamra accompanies Shannon to the doctor and she learns her hormones are a full-on whack job, which is why she’s been acting like one. David keeps busy working out, Shannon keeps busy whining, and this equals them not having marital relations, at all. David has checked out and Shannon admits it in no uncertain terms. They can barely have a civil conversation without the dog as a buffer.

Peggy meets up with Vicki for a possible “you don’t have my back” confrontation and avocado toast. Vicki plays defense out of the gate that she isn’t getting involved because this is not her fight. Peggy still feels betrayed, poorly fakes like she understands why Vicki isn’t sticking up for her, and eats her lox and bagel through her sour expression.

Peggy has been painfully awkward to watch this season. She doesn’t quite have a place with this group of women. Maybe 10 years younger she’d roll with the "Shahs of Sunset" or those pit vipers in Jersey, but OC isn’t a warm, fuzzy place for the exotic auto maven.