The new executive producer/head writer on "The Young and the Restless: promised he would resume cliffhanger Friday, which leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, unable to wait for Monday's episode. His first is epic and sure to please the fans. Mal Young has increased the intrigue and action on Y&R and turned a boring storyline into must-see TV. Scott and Sharon were frustrated in trying to figure out who set Mr. Granger up for Natalia's murder when at the end of Friday's episode they found a very important clue. They now realize that Abby's beau is the culprit.

Scott was clueless about Zack initially

On Wednesday, Scott was having a drink with Zack and discussing his progress with the human trafficking ring. He was totally unaware that Abby's beau is the head of prostitution in Genoa City. Mr. Granger sees Natalia, who is one of the prostitutes, and runs after her. He is unable to catch her and then goes back to the table telling Zack that he is close to finding out who is running things and abusing women. When he goes to the restroom Zack puts something in his drink, and later help a drugged Scott out of the restaurant.

On Thursday, Mr. Granger wakes up in a motel room with a dead Natalia beside him in bed. He calls Victor Newman who promises to help and shortly after, Paul Williams arrives to arrest him.

Scott cannot remember anything from the time he had a drink with Zack until he woke up in bed with Natalia. When Paul questioned Zack he claims to have put a drunken Scott in a taxi. Things were looking pretty grim until a computer search changed the narrative.

Sharon helps her man link Zack to the crime

Scott decides to find out what websites the dead woman has been frequenting and he gets the shock of his life.

He calls Sharon over to the laptop and shows her the results of his search. Natalia has been using the dating app that was set up for "Newman Enterprises" by Abby with the help of Zack. In that moment he and Sharon realize what has been going on. Previews for Monday, however, do not show Mr. Grager taking the info to the authorities, but instead, show him confronting Zack by accusing Abby's beau of setting him up.

Many viewers wanted the prostitution storyline to quickly end because it was boring, but Mal Young has kept his word and now even the pace of this plot has quickened, leaving fans glued to their seats. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS to see how Scott clears his name on The "Young and the Restless."