Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicates exciting episodes for Monday thru Wednesday (Nov. 20-22) on "The Young and the Restless," with reruns airing on Thursday and Friday (Nov. 23-24). Jack and Ashley will deal with a range of emotions that are tied to finding out their mother has Alzheimer's disease. Abby and Scott obviously make it away from Zack alive, because spoilers say they will be trying to stop the changes that Victoria is implementing at Newman Enterprises. Since Victor named her COO, it seems that Vicky is power hungry and determined to make her little sister's life miserable.

Meanwhile, Jordan will finally exact his revenge on Hilary.

Dina's Alzheimer's disease will devastate her children

On Friday (Nov. 17) Jack and Ashley came to the realization that Dina's erratic behavior is because she has Alzheimer's disease. They have ignored most of her recent actions until their mother stabbed Nikki Newman with a knife. Now after results from psychological testing they realize the severity of the situation. Spoilers, however, indicate that Dina's two oldest children will keep her condition a secret from the rest of the family during Thanksgiving dinner. Eventually, they will have no choice but let everyone in on the distressing news.

Jack and Ashley are later going to believe they are surprising Dina when they tell her about her medical condition.

Spoilers say the siblings will be the ones in shock as their mother has a surprise of her own. This will more than likely be an admission that Ms. Mergeron already knew about the Alzheimer's disease, and she may even tell them that this is why Graham was her constant companion.

Jordan gets his revenge on Hilary

Hilary believes she has the upper hand because she exposed Jordan on her show as a con artist who scammed older women.

She also let Victoria know that Mr. WIlde was the photographer who took the photos of Nikki and Jack that were sent to Victor, which led Vicki to fire him. Spoilers indicate that Jordan will get his revenge and somehow find a way to have the images he took of Ms.Curtis/Hamilton in her birthday suit aired on television. This will no doubt be embarrassing and hurt her reputation but Hilary will find a way to land on her feet.

Sibling rivalry between Victoria and Abby

Victoria has become drunk with her own power now that her father has made her COO of Newman Enterprises. Spoilers state that she will begin making changes and Abby and Scott will be trying to stop her. This lets viewers know that Scott and Abby survive being shot at by Zack. This also suggests that Victor and Vicky are troubled by all the problems caused by his youngest daughter and something is being put in place to limit her role in the family business. Don't miss Monday thru Wednesday's exciting episodes of "The Young and the Restless" and don't forget to watch for spoilers about the following week's activities.